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i met a poet just today

he greeted me with much

laughter as foreplay

(we seized each other

from brim to toe)

one cried the other sang

a hymn

and at the end we shook

our head contemplating

which the queerer

and stepped away

from our mirror.

:: 09-12-2018 ::


Oh i slip-tickled falling
landing upon a dragonfly
mid-flight above a sunflower
–beating sun upon my shoulders
iridescent laughter caught
my throat and her wings
beating all my worries
so far away and I feel
like a new born and I
wish you were here too
to feel newborn like me
And I cried for joy
And the fields of evening
moved with the gentle winds
and my soul — so bare
and I feel like a newborn!

:: 05-13-2015 ::