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Love as One

Being born into Sin
for being born human
i lose my sight
so i cannot taste lies
and left my tongue alone

Leaving my legs
so i cannot talk
denying my ears
so i cannot hear
i forgot the pin
for my plastic card

oh no, hell no,
no wine, cigs or
chocolate bars

Before today there was
nothing but a zero
tomorrow is one
lets minus stupid
and regard love as One.

Love as One.

:: 11.08.2022 ::


A wrinkle of mine grew
beyond common wisdom
a divine proposition;
each road taken drawn
upon one’s face.
A younger one uncharted
the elders well-traveled;
unborn within the queue.

:: 03.07.2020 ::


i met a poet just today

he greeted me with much

laughter as foreplay

(we seized each other

from brim to toe)

one cried the other sang

a hymn

and at the end we shook

our head contemplating

which the queerer

and stepped away

from our mirror.

:: 09-12-2018 ::


Alone is with me for just this day

we share together the many things
that only Alone and me can enjoy;

  the space to breathe

  the time to see
  a place with joy
  a mind to heal
Alone is with me for just this day
 we share together the many things
that only Alone and me can enjoy;
Does your Alone share with you?
A  moment of silence then
shall you know!
:: 03-31-2017 ::


P E R C E P T I O N is …


M I R R O R.

:: 01-30-2017 ::


When you lose this love
take it by the neck
and cut those ties
of brilliant feelings
little stars shinning
sparkling and drink every
ember of that feeling
you made happen

It was always you

:: 06-30-2015 ::


The enormous crowd of my secret thoughts
knocked upon the door-soul of my heart
Just today, absent any butler
I had to answer — I saw his coattails
fleeing summer that was my butler.
And the face of the door smiled
but the knob too hot to hold
and my feet a pool of cold sweat
knowing my thoughts that revisit today.
I only had — wished I had, a new thought
but could only feel the deepening dread.

And the door opened…

:: 10-20-2014 ::


(c) ep robles 2012

WHAT loneliness
my mind asked

my heart replied
yes it did —
a giggle-snort

yes we are
like pea in pod

relationships sail
on damanged good
and golden compass

we have a-me
and me is good

:: 02-13-2014 ::


I HAVE bypassed
the thinker
for he gave me
bad advice
Now a joy
I can not measure
a feeling
beyond pleasure!
My council
in life’s matters
now rest
upon shoulders
of my ancient soul
— such wisdom
to live a life
of such leisure
is an immense treasure!:: 01-25-2014 ::


I AM an aberration
of a hallucination…

:: 01-11-2013 ::