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JOURNAL: 07172020

TOO! i am too tired for Love___i drained
my member silently this day: of no love,
fanfare nor beauty i did this to die again/
the sun was rolling upon my house’s roof
and all the neighborhood dogs howled
in joy at the large yellow bouncing ball
of fire and death\and me –alone.

:: 07.17.2020 ::


bits of bitter tears and pheromones
shattered by broken things
called pieces of heart
and those insidiously
convincing objects called
that has none of these:
all within my mind.
The tainted vector rejected
abstract of all morrows
begging error’s atonement
and with hands that have
touched me: vacuumed
tears of crimson stars
a suicide band playing
within my hotel called
torture chamber —
it’s all a ‘something
called darkness locating
my soul’ goodnight kisses
darling/smoking like you’re
no pain — let it rain

:: 09-04-2015 ::