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i was tipsy-topsy turvy thinking
like a dreamy breakin’ heart
if you every go; so like me lonely
–you like my jealously had a temper
and possess love –>like i hated you
be free it’s me without anger ; when it
gets down it gets deeply lonely — pink
frustration and low-granted trees-tree! No one will see it my
Way: it’s me with a high root and low canopy
so like me without the anger — fool…
a free wish of winds — allow the free
moments come forth –>… anger.
when it gets down it gets lonely
some kind’a lost; what a mantra my monster
what a ‘coming back’ to push back — so you see i am me without
Seeing all that anger once around me: makes me mad made me sad
and sadder until i broke into little Pieces of Me.

it is a Crime to Break Down
while Saving Souls

:: 05.14.2020 ::


if you believe in me
I should believe
in gods and fairytales
I believe a top
is a tall space inside
my vacant love
my apartment cries
all four walls and seeing
her heart is believing
the less I feel inside
I love the smile of
a hungry red panda
and isn’t sweet love
sharp teeth tearing
the tender insides
of all painful fears
And all the spinning
tops so tall a space
inside my vacant life

:: 11-03-2014 ::


little-voice my biggest
tender tiny heart-Fire
burn my lipSoul when
all my words — sleeping
I tuck them beneath
the country-prose of
my land of living words
my little voice, tenderly!
within the hands I write
I hold your flowerHeart
and scribe the love within
the land of living words
and remain forever yours,
my living word!

:: 10-05-2014 ::