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BRUISED LIGHT i am so sad that i never
gave but a few morsels to my art
just an afterthought
but these few bits fed me a light
that kept me alive .I am so sad to say
this. it hurts something more than
me. like my soul.
i bruise my light.
i choke deeply inside that i am so cheaply
sold on an idea. I am so low that I
could never even
walk in the shadows of others who gave
to art.

:: 04-10-2015 ::


UnInterestEDStrokinGLY ugly
)inside(ALL OF ME)(
i watch
silently the OUTSIDE of
me lyinGLY
and hungrily hugging a
S H A D O W in this
unkempt park of my life
to feel so alive once
complete. LY
so yes i’m leaving, yes
i’m no longer believing
all the soothing suing
words of a convicted soul
I feel I fell in love with
:: 07-01-2015 ::

Elements of Nature

AND shadows shout!
AND fog like muffled cries
obscuring life-like carnivals
when all lights sleep!

:: 05-16-2014 ::


the shadows, yes the shadows
have rebelled!
what of the world?
is it these things almost
human-like they mean?
where vacant words are
their stare?

i cut myself upon their thread
unholy cosmic beings —
i’m snared, nearly there!
— death!
the corners of my eyes
neatly tucked within “aware”
the shadows, yes! the shadows
have rebelled!

while the veil of “unaware”
reveal the angry souls

i hid within the forest tree
and begged the light — take me there!

:: 11-10-2014 ::