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AND your strawberry eyes
with a sweet liquor!
a ,”NOBODY’s” Spirit sang
\ my own heart!
(i need) A Sweet sender brought
a wind of over-under Wonder!
(calling un)in(to despair)
fat lady sing!how
i love a mostly Large-almond-Love woman
each famous heart finding love must
end in each of everything____ (so many years
pass since I first wrote my last note)
around a wounded mind
of little fingers! A n d love is no wrong
with(a lot of you and me the faith of spirit)
c o n f i r m e d in heaven’s
solid congress! –> the message with a castes
blue bottle unto the gaping mouth of hungry

:: 03-12-2015 ::
:Rev 06.23.2020 ::


its going to be the beautiful day
from now on
i’m so comforted by you calling me
i’m so comforted in all the lights
and voices
in my head
a false witness
get out, all of you liars
burning inside me like fire
i’m so comforted in all of me
so color me insane
yeah insane yeah oh well
so used to guises and marks
and soothing moonlight so sue me
Is your libido in an elaborate
carriage clutching a white lie?
your girlish bosom, my! burning
ashes into life and i’m comforted
calling me so insane so comforted
in the holy ghost who watches
sailboats on the water and flotsam
through my heart and jetsam through
the only thing called my Soul
so beautiful is today

:: 10182015 ::