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“Today’s so good” my eyes said
not a cloud inside my head
And so you’ll know
picking up all the pieces
isn’t fun
but it’s what we sow
inside our bed
And i’m so clear yes my dear
just a monkey inside a cage
flinging angry feces
toward a world that has fled
And so it goes
And so it goes
And so it’s dead
Kissing the porcelain doll
on it’s shattered head
Am i the only one?
Am i the only one?
Am i the only one
biting on the metal
of a social warhead?
The gene of God
is what’s been bred
the gene of God
is what’s been bled
and the horror’s all
inside our head
so we’re dead.

:: 05-27-2018 ::


its going to be the beautiful day
from now on
i’m so comforted by you calling me
i’m so comforted in all the lights
and voices
in my head
a false witness
get out, all of you liars
burning inside me like fire
i’m so comforted in all of me
so color me insane
yeah insane yeah oh well
so used to guises and marks
and soothing moonlight so sue me
Is your libido in an elaborate
carriage clutching a white lie?
your girlish bosom, my! burning
ashes into life and i’m comforted
calling me so insane so comforted
in the holy ghost who watches
sailboats on the water and flotsam
through my heart and jetsam through
the only thing called my Soul
so beautiful is today

:: 10182015 ::


WE pretend
to show affection
beneath the lies
— Silhouette —
a hidden rope
around my neck

You could bring
me a diamond
But there’s no stone
harder than your heart
I could scream and cry
blood in a tea cup
staring at all
my spare parts

You took the treasure
of my heart shaped box
a figure of speech
only for those
who know ignorance

I would have loved you
more than life itself
If only the love you had
was better than gold
But now I cry blood tears

My tears of red fill
the porcelain tea cup
strewn around me
nothing but spare parts
I live within
a nightmare dream

:: 01-29-2014 ::