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Brilliance perhaps comes
between fall and winter
what other time
that love marches — Spring!

A blind sight brings
perhaps black shard-thoughts
what banks my feet stood,
hearts feeding doves!

Dear love — awaits
feeding human fawn
there beyond the horizon
divinity speaks!

I tripped — a small rock
what soul slides —> me
i almost spoke to us/me
and love is-was all I need!

The material worth lost
reflecting our congress
We pass, what stays?
It’s easy; all of love!

:: 07-10-2014 ::
rev: 03-102-15 ::


It was so beautiful
before this age
and that died for love
I did a difficult day

when the water i met
and left the world
now back am i
and have to say

nothing has changed

memories of a past
which helps does not
beautiful is life!
but humans still beasts!
who killed me
more than once
but praise I do
that River of Life!

:: 04-29-2014 ::


I watched the souls depart today
and a gray sky cried out loud
“what you give to me I take”
and I said let it be this day

You take the low fruit my love
but all life is above — up there
climb in front of me and higher
and eat the fruit of love dear

What is this fruit of life
if love is not in the mix
let wisdom shine for all
and darkness is turned light

And what you give to me
I take and your heart too
and the world does agree
let wisdom shine for all

Let wisdom shine
across the world
and let it today
and forever more

:: 03-12-2014 ::


(c) E.P. Robles 2012

LITTLE voice speak to me
refrain not from truth
gently whisper what’s to be
I have no other council
save the trees that sway-speak
or mocking birds who sing
My mouth shut and heart open
and do walk in my forest light
Here upon this grand rock
I patiently wait for your wisdom
so speak to me as I will listen

:: 02-06-2014 ::


I HAVE bypassed
the thinker
for he gave me
bad advice
Now a joy
I can not measure
a feeling
beyond pleasure!
My council
in life’s matters
now rest
upon shoulders
of my ancient soul
— such wisdom
to live a life
of such leisure
is an immense treasure!:: 01-25-2014 ::


THE visitor denied a knock
upon the weathered oak
— of my door

Startled firstly by the sight
this a visitor standing
— upon my floor

His travels did surely age
such genteel features
— ancient eyes so brilliant

Before great solidity I almost spoke
then instinct took me whole
— hush and listen to the voice

The words — before he left — were wisdom
a gift beyond most priceless treasure
— fair well my friend…

and hope we meet again

:: 01-24-2014 ::


Compassion is a natural extension of our understanding and wisdom.

With true wisdom we grow more compassionate for the people we meet.

And with compassion we ourselves grow wiser.


I SAW an older soul today — by grace
a withered hand across the face
and lines that told stories of chance

And in the eye of the ancient one
a glimmer of youth betrayed such age
the soul is ageless beyond congeniality

Must we all be dead before we’re born
As pity holds no truth against reality
We sour in youth and sweeten with time