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i have allowed the world
to rape me with its eyes
and with thoughts they have
stabbed me through.
be kind be grateful
i have heard these voices pray
a shattered-like brown preserving
jar broken too;
a squashing pressure perturbing
my heart ~ a *Family Cherry Stoner
making six goblets redder than life
a condiment bottle for my tears
a broken doll upon crutches
fixing it’s wooden puzzles
And my bed, the gathering basket
upon the bread which lay my Soul;
and there i go! Falling upward
and begging so!

:: 05-29-2017 ::

*(Circa 1880-1900: advertised as “The Family Cherry Stoner,” the cherry pitter–intended to remove the stone without squashing the fruit was a popular kitchen item).



i am so electric so postcard pathetic
i am the Victorian light
of a street lamp following you
i am the army of one heart
shipping off to war with love
i am so eccentric so alive in you


i cut my tongue licking an envelop
i am the moonlight of a time
i am still singing the body electric
i wonder if my words shall reach you
i am the ‘i’ of all i feel thinking
i say my beating heart belongs to you


and if all my honoring of you is fire
in the glad hours of my mourning
i am worth what here upon this Earth
if i never say if i never write these
little scribbles of words of my beating
heart that walked for lives honoring you

and if i threw everything within the fire
of centuries loving you it’s all i can do
our bodies at each instant beating hearts
like tasting fields of red strawberries
and i cut my tongue upon the edge of you
i am the moonlight of your life all love

:: 09-16-2015 ::


so you say poverty is dishonorable
a lack of moral virtue
fuck industriousness
living in Victorian times suck
have grandpa come on over
dressed as a greek wood nymph
and he posses on a table in the
parlour room while everyone
applauds — so entertaining
and macabre!
And the River Thames pours its
pea-soup over the city ; a fog
so thick i can barely see Jack
ripping up another poor soul —
the king bans coal fires and
many freeze to death!
it’s okay to serve you a bowl
of animal brains and even a heart
but you prefer the turtle for
it’s green jello-like fat,
imagine that!
and McDee’s no different with
it’s pink slime! But memento
mori (remember you shall die)
is a snapshot photographic horror
smiling with the dead while you
say cheese…

:: 08-08-2015 ::


I kissed did_Bursting things
where the sleepyHeart (in myself)
my Love burned away the fever

of Individual\BeautyForm

Ephemeral_things-Bursting did,
a paranormalCog-noThing piece
a steamPunk Victor-IAN
fashion BrassLeather beating!
Beating souls in my flowerPot of Things
and only pepperLike
—— dust remains…

:: ~~~ ::


My fields my love i tend to
walk by heart these days
my life like my soul
like the clouds above
a kiss upon the light
that breaks the night
when sun grows so lonely
it tears the two apart
like my heart with you
like day or night
i walk the fields my love
to tend to life
and my feet unbearably
walk upon your heart
the rich soil of your soul

:: 11-02-2014 ::