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somebody else roars her royal borealis
purple heart and i road across golden gate
bridge and even in hell
i felt her toenails cutting me – ha, she
laughed while i screamed
could have been her nails
like a road-map — my back
when she screams digging
love into my skin: i’m too
long and she hates uterus
bump — geeks, yeah. terrible
come on baby, think of one
i hurt when you press my heart
with serious words of this
could’a-should’b-been world
my shyness-gy-ness is aborted
too early in life: she kissed
me knowing how fucked i am
and i love her/you/seriously
you wore no panties when we
went to church — NEVER!
holy water evaporates!

:: 07-08-2015 ::


You ate me — yeah, ate me
slayed me — again and again
nothing begged-nothing said
and you said to me —
do it again and again

I said “hate me” with spit-you
and you drank me all up
sadistic man burn you-soul

I said hate me — don’t slay me
you felt me — feather-soul
said love-me but you don’t know
I hate you waste-you slay me

I’m not the only one
— not the only one
more came–last one
and I hate you-burn you

Slay you–slay me-hate you
god-less soul thunder-bolt
raw-soul hate you-leave me