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Eating Lust

INKY was a word i swore i never would never
compromise i cleaned my eyes
and watched how inky threw her clothes off
Twin towers oh no mercy twirling
them ~ ah ooh /we had a fun time \
And tomorrow was fine
picking up her bra
and panties we went
into the forest and ate nature into the ground.
Thunder. Thunder. There was gold. In the dirt where
we held our knees in the ground.
And we knew there was no going
back — throw me a pass: we
were fucking in the green.
Yeah, in nature.
Eating dirt ~~ shaking at knees
God made us what we are —
thunder struck — holding flesh
and spit and screams.
Watching flesh swing
watching it at my knees.
Eating lust.


:: 12.28.2022 ::

Vices of Men

Vices of men are my domain.

Their wounds my sweet cakes.

I like to chew their vile penis’
because their ugliness makes my beauty
spectacular and chooses me.

(As the letter continues to spiral
out of control, she writes:)

“Since the dawn of time I’m sure that
no couple has ever lived together
in perfect bliss.

Is it any wonder that men
don’t want me because I know what
their biggest vice is?

And I know their biggest loss…
And I don’t eat their penis’
because it’s gross …

I eat it because I enjoy it.”

:: 07.07.2022 ::


Lonely broken hearts, in stride
Lady Montague —
She drank to life awaiting death
in runs Majesty’s breath
never speaking of where she’s been

Hamlet fed up leaves the scene,
as Captain Black bends his knee
for the Queen whom embraces Mr.
Beam in Marches ferociously
little Putin — bombing everyone.

Lenin looks up as a flock o’ geese
inspecting the sun and screams,
“Russia’s end so soon!”

Spider Man sinks his silk
upon the violent stupid tongue
arising from the ground says
invisible man,

“who tried buttfucking me while I went
down upon wonder woman!”

Humanity’s self-demise!

:: 04.12.2022 ::


Pierced by my glistening nails.
I love your hair with the lightest of touches.

I rip your mouth with my lips.
Let me love you. *Body. It’s honey,
that’s all. * Darling, be mine!

Be my temple.
Let me be your village.
Let me be your state!
Let me be your God.
You’ll be under my domination.
All in Your Mine!!!
Come, eat from my right breast.
You’ll be my lover, I’m just dying to kiss you!

Come to my bewitching kisses, I don’t care where.
I’ll get in heaven or hell.
I’m only with you. * With his strength,
His hands.
His lips, his teeth
And even his strong tongue.
He wants to make me happy.
He will only take me to heaven.
And let me be the best in the world!
After a while, he’ll be bored.
And then I’ll be the best in the world!
To serve you, darling is my world of horror.
To serve you, sweet, and not to be fucked
for fuck’s sake.

And to be taken in my turn.
To be loved for myself.
For me alone.

Then shall I die.

:: 04.04.2022 ::


(I preface this with: FUCK YOU)

I ONCE made love to a corpse
it was still warm with lies
It was bad weather like her eyes
AND she asked, “have you ever
fucked a living soul?”

Then, once, as I remembered:

“Within the absence or presence
of sun once I laid with a woman
and gave her subsistence by love
only to be hated by her.

Death only wants more death.
And her corpse’s flies ate her
through and through.

:: 02.09.2022 ::


Hey boys go get yourself a soy drink & cut the bottom of your pants
so true so sad
betray the roots of all that’s nature & lay down the dog and drown.

As you were; keep yourself in the dirt and create castles of mud
cause you don’t know what it means you don’t know what it means.

We can have a chore; some say nature (like more)
is more — whose song sang drowning the right way?

Sometimes i scream so hard
i shoot myself through the throat
and take words and ghosts and make
baby-paste for women.

oh right. haha. so right.

So lonely i cry at night all the time.
Wee can ask for more fate is more
(nature as a whore) who is fruit
who is poison? aaaaaah! This is a
song about losers and losers gain
so much more. Especially when you have
no idea what is more. Righteousness is God
and Righteousness is horney wanting more.

:: 12.30.2020 ::




somebody else roars her royal borealis
purple heart and i road across golden gate
bridge and even in hell
i felt her toenails cutting me – ha, she
laughed while i screamed
could have been her nails
like a road-map — my back
when she screams digging
love into my skin: i’m too
long and she hates uterus
bump — geeks, yeah. terrible
come on baby, think of one
i hurt when you press my heart
with serious words of this
could’a-should’b-been world
my shyness-gy-ness is aborted
too early in life: she kissed
me knowing how fucked i am
and i love her/you/seriously
you wore no panties when we
went to church — NEVER!
holy water evaporates!

:: 07-08-2015 ::


You ate me — yeah, ate me
slayed me — again and again
nothing begged-nothing said
and you said to me —
do it again and again

I said “hate me” with spit-you
and you drank me all up
sadistic man burn you-soul

I said hate me — don’t slay me
you felt me — feather-soul
said love-me but you don’t know
I hate you waste-you slay me

I’m not the only one
— not the only one
more came–last one
and I hate you-burn you

Slay you–slay me-hate you
god-less soul thunder-bolt
raw-soul hate you-leave me