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Lonely broken hearts, in stride
Lady Montague —
She drank to life awaiting death
in runs Majesty’s breath
never speaking of where she’s been

Hamlet fed up leaves the scene,
as Captain Black bends his knee
for the Queen whom embraces Mr.
Beam in Marches ferociously
little Putin — bombing everyone.

Lenin looks up as a flock o’ geese
inspecting the sun and screams,
“Russia’s end so soon!”

Spider Man sinks his silk
upon the violent stupid tongue
arising from the ground says
invisible man,

“who tried buttfucking me while I went
down upon wonder woman!”

Humanity’s self-demise!

:: 04.12.2022 ::


TOASTER oven sandwich grin
on the family corner market
keeping all the secrets
within your baby warehouse
teach your kids about love
take 30 percent off their
soul and i like your mouth
come on in; let life fill
your pie hole-soul
don’t go bacon my heart
I couldn’t if I fried!
and you can’t drink all day
if you don’t start in the morning!
and T.Troup was a chemist
I’ve been missing life reading-
seeing soundbite lies
The first concentrated lies
come from roadside billboards
like-life riding in a chevrolet
THE thing what IS IT?
a golden opportunity sale
family fun! shakes & funnel cakes
~~ beef jerky too!
and Wall Drug sells coffee
for 5 cents a time ago

for 300.00 a month

:: 07-05-2015 ::


“It’s not a great product
but you got to spend your
hard earned money!”

:: 07-03-2015 ::


Think different, Wheaties
breakfast of champions
and Caitlyn knows ||
i’m so horny but for tail
no dangling pieces
And a Diamond is Forever
They’re G-r-r-r-eat!
and Nothing Sucks like
an Electrolux!
Lover’s know: the best
part of waking up is
Folgers in Your Cup
and I don’t want to be
a consumer of commercial
products: shoot me please!
“Hey Mikey…He Likes It!”
case closed: hooked fish-
lipped mouth and nature’s
a whore so “Don’t Leave
Home Without It!”
Nothing Outlasts the Energizer
by Mennen and Pardon Me, But
Do you have any Fucking Grey
Poupon?” I mean, really…?
I digress infinitly and I’ve
Fallen and I can’t Get Up!”
t h is is you r b rain
on drugs –> BE LIKE MIKE
Got milk? Snap into a Slim Jim
horrific shit, yeah.yea.

:: 07-03-2015 ::