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Through sorrow I followed the flames of rites
And casted aside all things that brought me love.
A broken horse, tin soldier, and mangled kite
Tattered bear and soft dove in white

And in the attic there use to be

A cradle that rocked in gentle breeze
Iron cast cars without their wheels
Paper thin butterflies & snowy trees
And dinner plates I used for meals too

The thing lost and most felt in heart

Was not the engine, tracks or robot man
Or little black plastic white-tipped shoes
But something that once brought me smiles
A mere hand puppet that seemed so real

Now I know with clear understanding

Regardless of the pain I feel from longing
That those gifts of youth were put to use
And have now been given to others belonging
Always the memories I’ll have and never lose

There’s always a fond thought for tomorrows
Especially when you remember yesterday’s things.



there comes a moment when i die every day, and sometimes the
taste of lemon in my mouth and sometimes a fragrance of
regretful roses which stuns me since i forgot what love
smells like, mostly. i remember my childhood on sidewalks
on a tricycle and how i counted creases between slabs
of concrete never knowing i measured moments of
how my life would unfold — i think life is small feet
upon pedals where we sometimes slip and scrap our ankles.
When we are young and small the world is a very tall and
scary place; when we’re grown it’s even more so.
i remember ice cream and a bright moon at night too.
Mostly i remember freedom from all ideology and prejudice
which i have fiercely tried to keep within my heart.

:: 07-25-2015 ::


i would with older shoes walk wet streets and watch
mirrored water scattered-by what was my dreams
the taunting children of school screaming “you are
poor!” seeing holes within my pants/but my heart was
and ALWAYS new regardless of school’s seasons and some
-gentler kind HEARTED souls would befriend me }| in the
library always where I stayed at recess and after lunch
until the metal heart beating drill-drum thrumbed rapping
ringing bell rang:
“come! let us congregate
again and match brain-to-brain!”
i always won when they
picked upon my soul
always gentle to them
but the lesson was higher
than the chin upon where
they gripped the floor
life, that burning decision of purpose!

:: 07-09-2015 ::


In my mind I am DEAD
they speaking after-life
of never-lived and now
I am the jealous-Spirit
wishing life had loved
a broken little boy
that had been!
Where are you mother
and father?
the Deadest

:: 05-12-2015 ::


And the daylight danced upon the heart
of the man who laid across the lap
of his woman.  Upon a bench within
a park, his childhood hidden.  And when
the clouds obscured the sun, his heart
leaped forth as a child!  His lover
murmured:  Are you here?  The distant
laughter of playing children.  And his
eyes flowered-opened and saw the light
of all the day and even night, within
the gaze of the woman who allowed him
a moment to become a child.

:: 01-22-2015 ::


i’m child, singing in the briar
keeping my feet in the air
singing fairy tales a loud
nothing matters to this heart

and the woods and the birds
and the clouds and the air
all are singing back to me

i say, ‘living is a good thing’
and the shadows chasing me
but my heart’s a faster
and i escape the life of you

i kiss the dirt and the bug
even the muddy waters between
my little toes – can’t you see?
just a heart untouched by hate

and the woods and the birds
and the clouds and the air
all are a singing back to me!

:: 10-01-2014 ::