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C: i

FEAR is a bridge
  of egg shells
below boiling
yoke’s tears
the mighty
   of delightful love
kisses you and all is
as when landscapes
are within mountainous
hearts, dear —
  with each fear or tear
or bare hands or gloves
  love is love and
his and hers, a rumor:
rolls across the land
  into my mind
and wishing your room
is large enough for
  my truth and yours!
:: 10102015 ::


MY LOVE mere words
are empty shells
shrewn across sand
such castings color
sounds of ocean within
Doubt not these words
though empty shells

My life-light fills
each  constellation
Shed such tender skin
oh fear betrays such life!
what you see – what not
but life of yours greater!
Silently sing whales

Sing to me breeze so-easy
lullaby breath tear so tender
blue speaks ivory tenor
caps of white dance-sizzle
seventh wave passion-swells
Beneath waves and flotsam
jetsome golden crystal