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Love oh Love!
My stern of truth!
This ship has wrecked and all racks
bleeding ocean waters!
Ooh yeah.
Although port is in sight death more so.
Townspeople scream, bells a ‘ringing
but already our sailor’s eyes hollowed.
Yeah. Way down last night below the hull:
we sang: “stand up and be counted!
for what we are about to receive!”
the decks clean and sails pristine.
How dearly; the clean drops of red
where upon the deck my Captain lies,
fallen cold and dead –> So stand up
and be counted for what we are about
to receive and hail to the good times
cause like life good times leave.
For all sailors upon waves within
distance waters we salute you.
We salute you.
But with undying fire exult o’ shores!
ring O’ bells! And first mate: walk
the deck my Captain lies fallen
cold and dead!

:: 08.13.2021 ::


IF you cannot sleep you have to swim

across that Ocean of dreams

smoke and trip upon wet seaweed

taking your loved one to town

   the seashell sings

but our human throats are too dry

  but we can cry

we cannot sleep but a strange

feeling up from the depths of

the seas see — we can surely die



sh  sh


remind me of the throw down inside

the bone cave of all minds.

  a beautiful ship should come soon;

sadsadsadsadsad so finally i lost

it so completely bleeding upon the

white sheets of my sails.

:: 10.07.2020 ::


Mellifluous are the songs of moon
lit lips pressing a maddened
heart as mine!

This largest night ate the orchards
and prismatic towns by the shores
where waves say goodbye torturing
women who have lost their sailors
on calmer nights.

Instead of life the sea has come
has come to take from me
all i have called normality

what most who love may dislike
what some who hate may balance
i n l i f e :
a severe disinclination
or tolerance for such as me!

so cold are some it feels as stings
from a polar bee!

:: 09-08-2018 ::


The waves are misty clapping
seas, lovvv–i—,ng some——
thing inside a roar |beating heart/
| Gogh once painted it
but decided on fields with
flowers and twirl-swirling
enough to make me cry

:: 07-19-2015 ::


MY LOVE mere words
are empty shells
shrewn across sand
such castings color
sounds of ocean within
Doubt not these words
though empty shells

My life-light fills
each  constellation
Shed such tender skin
oh fear betrays such life!
what you see – what not
but life of yours greater!
Silently sing whales

Sing to me breeze so-easy
lullaby breath tear so tender
blue speaks ivory tenor
caps of white dance-sizzle
seventh wave passion-swells
Beneath waves and flotsam
jetsome golden crystal