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MY LOVE mere words
are empty shells
shrewn across sand
such castings color
sounds of ocean within
Doubt not these words
though empty shells

My life-light fills
each  constellation
Shed such tender skin
oh fear betrays such life!
what you see – what not
but life of yours greater!
Silently sing whales

Sing to me breeze so-easy
lullaby breath tear so tender
blue speaks ivory tenor
caps of white dance-sizzle
seventh wave passion-swells
Beneath waves and flotsam
jetsome golden crystal



COLORS of confetti and streamers of dreams
won’t you let me taste your joyous laughter
I have a machine so shiny and wondrous
let me land it here and enjoy your city

What would your world say if I spoke hello
shatter economies — making it harder for the Pope
The message I want to give goes against the grain
So I have to say just flow with the moment – I’ll go

But I want to stay for a while
and spread my love to the world
but remember I do what you did —
to the last one who landed here