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AND what is a friendship without warm feelings and devotion?
As those who go to and fro from bed to work without
a gentle smile or hello!
I would share a drink with you but first i must be sure
the label is not high alcohol but a label that reads either:
“life,” or “death.”
As the sun dips behind Mother Earth we eat and clean ourselves
then ready for bed. We read, watch something on the magic box
called television or stare at the walls. Some dream, some smoke,
some drink, some fight. Who is mad? All of us! Call it what you like
but the moral of that is — ‘Oh, ’tis love, ’tis love, that makes
the world goes round!’

Our human intentions only make matters worse!

Then the turtle spoke: “Those lovers we read about: to all the characters
drawing in colourful lines… you keep emotions at an anchor deep inside so
you can move far above the bubbles’ tricks — but the people swimming in
fish-glasses are freaked out. So many lives spilled, even all living simple
souls, cannot sustain the waters of love.

:: 04.22.2021 ::


Piece No. 03-110210 Visual Perfume
(c) E.P. Robles 2010

WHY is life that tender thing
so fragile such like a butterfly
easy to sway with a gentle breeze
or to crush with just a thought

Struggles required for survival
but surviving is life with pain?
What if I were a wolf in a pack
Now there is a life to live

But physically such I am not
emotionally more like a brook
soothing warm waters across my heart
or the bird that sings to skies

Surely I feel the daggers and pain
today I praise that Tender Thing

:: 02-03-2014 ::