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AND so my love shall we be
the wings of a butterfly
dipping nectar -see?
Shall we gather nuts
as the squirrel does
before wintery days?
I wish — may I?
To be the crashing waves
of any shoreline!
Or the dew so heavy
it collapses the leaf
of a morning break!
So, love, what shall we
be? Doves? To spread
our wings upon the hope
of peace — yes, dear.
That is us!

:: – ::


Piece No. 03-110210 Visual Perfume
(c) E.P. Robles 2010

WHY is life that tender thing
so fragile such like a butterfly
easy to sway with a gentle breeze
or to crush with just a thought

Struggles required for survival
but surviving is life with pain?
What if I were a wolf in a pack
Now there is a life to live

But physically such I am not
emotionally more like a brook
soothing warm waters across my heart
or the bird that sings to skies

Surely I feel the daggers and pain
today I praise that Tender Thing

:: 02-03-2014 ::


YES I confess it all!
Lost am I in detritus shall
nature is such a pansy
I could blame her all
but clearly it is me
whose weakness — the stalk
my flower falls

I seek the single note
ivory key opens me
ebony be my fantasy
carry me away fluidly
carnival ride waves
dreamy rivulets be
tragic tone keeps me

Life is mother
— mother ate me
me so silently
— strength beneath
her layers of skin
smothered me
Her baby I’ll always be

Love-me kiss-me
smother-me hug-me
melt me womb-be

:: 01-22-2014::