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A Bell in The Vineyard

WEEDY tender vines,

potted plants in parks,

and the moon, appearing

in the morning – a moulin heard;

a clump of shrubs murmurs

like bells in a vineyard.

:: 02.05.2022 ::


TOASTER oven sandwich grin
on the family corner market
keeping all the secrets
within your baby warehouse
teach your kids about love
take 30 percent off their
soul and i like your mouth
come on in; let life fill
your pie hole-soul
don’t go bacon my heart
I couldn’t if I fried!
and you can’t drink all day
if you don’t start in the morning!
and T.Troup was a chemist
I’ve been missing life reading-
seeing soundbite lies
The first concentrated lies
come from roadside billboards
like-life riding in a chevrolet
THE thing what IS IT?
a golden opportunity sale
family fun! shakes & funnel cakes
~~ beef jerky too!
and Wall Drug sells coffee
for 5 cents a time ago

for 300.00 a month

:: 07-05-2015 ::


AND who do you hear
when the last shoe drops
a tree fell within my forest
the party of life too noisy
but the buzzards…
they can smell

And when your star fell
upon who’s ground burned
the last of love’s hope
a grub worm saw
— yes it did
you dig into the dirt

I’ve got a question…
but the answer
is too hot
I’ve got a question…
but the response is rot


Who you know isn’t so
and the night loves her cloak
what you see isn’t so
I touched a third rail…
— just to feel