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Oh la ah la
ooh ah la

i remember fun days
and bitter cuts
from your tongue
you say dreaming
I walk beach sands
thunder beneath my feet
I would believe you
but I see my cuts
and still they bleed
my ocean — emerald green
it tastes salty good
your ocean a crimson-red
and dead fish at my feet
sea shell flotsam
the key for my gate
I. Break out prison
and run to my beach
Poseidon my lover now

:: 05-01-2914 ::


THAT vast wintry move
become more than ice
a chasm between souls
where once danced fire
now quietly —
lay broken tear

:: 03-10-2014 ::


(c) E.P. Robles 2012

Has anyone ever sang you a song
when you were in your darkest hour
just a few moments given for life
if not then listen to me now

Love is not a thing to hold
possession impossible dear one
and doves are not made to cage

I should know…

And when it rains such are tears
all you feel is the heavy patter
it beats across your bruised heart

what I had I have given back to you
and what I wished for you possess
and this is your song — for life…

so listen to me now
life is never to late
for a thing such as love…

:: 02-15-2014 ::


(c) E.P. Robles 2013

I gave my love to one
and swore to God above
she would be the one
I would die in old age
loving and cherishing
and this I swore before
mankind and heaven
even the angels of glory
that she walked away
was not my bidding
so here I stand
firmly in faith
that my word is strong
and shall never sway
that she walked away
does not mean
I did the same
so I remain
empty handed
but still in love

:: 02-07-2014 ::


IT has been the same since birth
first the traumatic life of entrance
into such tenderly love…
both of mother and loving mate
followed by horrific separation
such we humans suffer in fate

:: 02-03-2014 ::


Sad Cafe - Large
(c) E.P. Robles 2013

MA BELLE they say
in France this day
I fear such fools
who speak in vain
such words today

Don’t try to explain
your life mon cher
I’m just a romantic fool
that allows your heels
to dance upon my heart

You speak, I cry
I laugh, you scream
What bad seeds thrown
wild weeds do grow
You think, I know

My love no regret
You speak, I listen
such is ma bichette
My tears are absent
such rivers ran dry

My love no regret
such days as this
love lives on
regardless of what’s spent

:: 01-31-2014 ::


WE pretend
to show affection
beneath the lies
— Silhouette —
a hidden rope
around my neck

You could bring
me a diamond
But there’s no stone
harder than your heart
I could scream and cry
blood in a tea cup
staring at all
my spare parts

You took the treasure
of my heart shaped box
a figure of speech
only for those
who know ignorance

I would have loved you
more than life itself
If only the love you had
was better than gold
But now I cry blood tears

My tears of red fill
the porcelain tea cup
strewn around me
nothing but spare parts
I live within
a nightmare dream

:: 01-29-2014 ::


AND who do you hear
when the last shoe drops
a tree fell within my forest
the party of life too noisy
but the buzzards…
they can smell

And when your star fell
upon who’s ground burned
the last of love’s hope
a grub worm saw
— yes it did
you dig into the dirt

I’ve got a question…
but the answer
is too hot
I’ve got a question…
but the response is rot


Who you know isn’t so
and the night loves her cloak
what you see isn’t so
I touched a third rail…
— just to feel