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i met my mind inside a hampering down
across the skies of my expansive face
those elder souls we never see came to me
and you: in dreams. i allow the sun to
beat down upon my face and breath its winds
: the elder race
spoke from atop the
clouds singing everything
to be revealed in time.
I was strong and stressed
for not a word i heard or note
oh oh oh — the skies scream
horns and unusual things.
ooooooh. Yea. I am blind.
Everything seen is within my
eyes you sang/bled /visions
gleam in every air.
try to find you
try to recapture everything
had/ far sounds of cities,
in early evening: within
that place of yellow desert
scream//so much so and so
everything known

:: 07.31.2020 ::


WHO IS so happy today are they all within my
Head? Iris and friends feathers within the band
of my funky hat yeah not so scared caused i
lit the candles to remove evil thoughts while eating
my girlfriend’s older sister! cause i remember sad thoughts
& yeah some to blame upon me but so excited to see your Art
(i’m so honry) yeah : colors exploding as goo across the paint
of my canvas oh yeah — punch
, kiss, love, like and hate everything i am
— i wish to kill you : miss you then again
miss the bullet you wanted
for me…oh yeah who is so happy
today? all within their lonely
head — so ugly so are you ;
miserable people so scared
i lit my candles when i found

:L: 07j.11/02020 ::