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THE WISH (2017)

I can never have you, nor will I have you
ever, this I know. Possession is fear,
taking is thievery, and love can never
become caged at all. I give you my words,
through poetry, and a kind photo at times.
But nothing more than most of me. You,
who belongs to science, philosophy, and art;
I commend your love of beauty and knowledge!
That most are born within a dream so deep
they shall never awaken; you are awake my dear.
The pleasure created by our conversations
gives an impression of being almost real.
So, I dream across this distance between
our hearts and for all the imagination, for
all that is a liquor’s magician, I kiss
your lips as well and wish, I wish,
to have your body next to mine at the end
of every day.

:: 12-17-2017 ::


Dearest Love,

I am the little vessel upon your ocean
and you seem far away as the waves are
gentle now that we are continents apart
as a misery of a sailor greeted by red
then alterable noons of mourning.
A privileged host is asking,
‘with whom shall i settle this vessel
when a storm is coming?’ And mooring
my ship not with rope, chain nor anchor
but by this great love! The Great Wave
has perched me atop the tallest crest
and as bravely i go i go to thee!
And red skies at night! This heart
a delightful song as dawn must always recur
a sight occularly straight
and as true as the North Star!

Forever yours,
The Warmest Love

:: 09-16-2015 ::


IT WAS here beneath the willow upon this heart-kiss perfect day
that I caught the string upon which beats your tender heart.
My love what would such a song be if that sparrow could feel
that which burns for you within me?  And those daisies that spread
yellow splashes of brilliant sun-skin upon God’s slice of paradise
— what paint-passion colors would the brush of Cupid stroke?
And the air my dearest beloved!  What if the very air we breath
— could taste the fruit-love that grows upon thy vine of delectable passion!
Surely it would fragrant the likeness of cherry blossom no doubt!
My love — the night!  Imagine the darkness changing it’s ancient wardrobe
upon seeing the crystal-light heart that burns brilliant within your warm bosom.

Dear Sweet Love, I clearly confess such things are at times emotionally and
devastatingly pleasurable to think whilst alone this night!



OH tides that pull
and take me away
rapturous bliss
into that ocean
I go so peacefully
upon the jetsam
and heavenly flotsam
Such shoreless waters
permit me loving kisses
forever embraced
by the hottest blood
of that vast sea