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WHEN the heart breaks
into halves,
what then left? Not a sigh
nor a laugh;
a cleaving of Soul or
the need for Nature
—- it’s glory & beauty
covers grief —
the Spirit surpass!

EPRobles c 2019


THE WISH (2017)

I can never have you, nor will I have you
ever, this I know. Possession is fear,
taking is thievery, and love can never
become caged at all. I give you my words,
through poetry, and a kind photo at times.
But nothing more than most of me. You,
who belongs to science, philosophy, and art;
I commend your love of beauty and knowledge!
That most are born within a dream so deep
they shall never awaken; you are awake my dear.
The pleasure created by our conversations
gives an impression of being almost real.
So, I dream across this distance between
our hearts and for all the imagination, for
all that is a liquor’s magician, I kiss
your lips as well and wish, I wish,
to have your body next to mine at the end
of every day.

:: 12-17-2017 ::



this night is young
but i am ancient
in both flesh and

As fields older
than the dirt!
As winds slower
than God’s breath!

Oh! Thank you my love!
for your kisses!
And your tears too.
See? The flowers
have stronger stems now!

My oldest song!
My only true love.
We two are the oldest
;by life and love!

:: 12-08-2017 ::


The last of a songbird’s notes have fallen into the night’s purse,
and you have known my dances are behind shadows where some of
me has hidden to heal or die.

It seems there are no truths but only dirt and tears and at last
the only remaining mouth that spills songs into hearts
and tender arms is yours my love.

Where we exist there are no stationary objects but a wide orbit
that entertains the unknowable; to feel the butterfly awaken
is an infinite joy stooped upon the vast spirals of our Cathedral.

This love, our love, is universal and eternal.

Forever yours!

:: 07-12-2017 ::


To which THAT one awakens: it is not just the “me”
but the flesh that covers my modesty / we call
it humanity | as though each flesh of island
requires labels to offset such nonsense
as separatedness!

Being born is a moment; first steps then
tears and fears ensue /burst of self awareness
and as you knew: life is not short and you can
truly fly if you do not forbid something
indescribably precious for, “which no one ought
to see …”
i say life is not weird
but the human condition
the ribbon of perception told billions
of times within the lie of separatedness.
If i am alone then 7 billion too —
silliness! One is all and all is One
and all other perceptions shadows dancing
upon the walls!

:: 01-16-2016 ::


Dearest Love,

I am the little vessel upon your ocean
and you seem far away as the waves are
gentle now that we are continents apart
as a misery of a sailor greeted by red
then alterable noons of mourning.
A privileged host is asking,
‘with whom shall i settle this vessel
when a storm is coming?’ And mooring
my ship not with rope, chain nor anchor
but by this great love! The Great Wave
has perched me atop the tallest crest
and as bravely i go i go to thee!
And red skies at night! This heart
a delightful song as dawn must always recur
a sight occularly straight
and as true as the North Star!

Forever yours,
The Warmest Love

:: 09-16-2015 ::


I was alone inside my skin
until I met you
then again;
you always were with me

And we walk across light
tripping along the stones
called life
that we all know

Oh, so I caught your smile
in the shade of a bright full moon
you called me out
invited, I went in

“Hours into days!” we said
Love-like lightening I saw
Then thunder as our song!

Words a train began express
So caught up in all your soul
love wash away all my sins

it’s tears of joy  under my Sun
life as I never knew began
when a childSoul & still alone

Life has a beginning it’s sweet
Laced with the lips I breezeTasted
So I  kiss you again & again

Hours into days we said
Each moment we won’t waste
Heartbeats beating along the way