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Hey oh hey darling
  how the leaves fall
from trees
all my life please
   just touch the
fallen leaves
   take me so closer
to you :  i am far away
so far away until the
wearing of my heart
fades away like night:
tonight my heart is
on the loose || oh
   my girlhood could have
desecrated you;  avoid infecting
the world:  my insides purged
my bloody tales with teeth
as an animal of a clean savior
to scour love.
:: 08.02.2020 ::


MY confession : what be it may
stately said I do adore
hedonistic lore and my passion
borders beyond the day of light
into a fray some may fright
But at the end of any day
a brilliant sun and nymph of light
rules out all it is my sweet
love for life



listen. Of hearts that sing —
wailing aside. Better if eyes
could taste the color love
And in flight with bee
a passionate kiss from thee!

:: 10-15-2018 ::


i am peace ~~of love
you are softly whispered
we helped together
to bury me lover i
say then expressed
in touch what no words
were ever born to say
how memories held
together all my life
and now my favorite color
is that –of your eyes
cause my heart is falling
deeply into you all of me
so never change because
you will change me too
so bury me into your
favorite color THOSE OF
YOUR EYES cause my heart
is falling deeply into you

:: 09-16-2015 ::