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(never should it be the same thing}
I ate the summer sky at night
bending reed and heart
shot the yellow jacket wing
tasted the poison of it’s sting
painted an image of my heart
upon the basin of the Mississippi
and I rode my soul all the way
across the bayou to the City
of Southern sin and drinking
the party that never ends
and I danced with the devil
and sang of Eros and Gomorrah
and god slapped my cheek
daisy faced women cried for me
as they watched my soul sink
back into the mud of the river
that rages within the heart of all
Praise the One who damns us
and the angels weep for all
and I dropped to my knees
wishing I never thought clear
where a world walks in haze
and all mother kill their babies
Is someone going to save us
is anybody going to save the world?
God? devil? Superman?
we need someone who loves
loves the filth of humanity

:: 10-03-2014 ::


I fell to sleep a fitful dream
and found myself upon stone steps
I followed a monk into that place
where cosmic meaning lives and breathes
and I heard the canyon winds
and that heavenly chime upon my lips
and sometime later I was summoned
into an antechamber of the Holy One
his age was timeless as his skin
I saw him laying upon a stone bed
and he motioned me come closer
as I leaned over his overgrown beard
so white and unblemished hair
he stared into my eyes and I could not
believe what I saw
stars and life across the universe
looked into my eyes and wisdom
I then knew I was such a lonely man
and my tears could not stop flowing
and I heard that song that never stops
It sang deep within my heart
You will never be alone
and in time you will remember
what purpose within your hands
I kissed the Holy Man
and he whispered into my soul
You will see light in the Darkness

:: 05-06-2014 ::


If you put a speck
of honesty into today’s
marketing strategy
the whole house
of cards crumbles

:: 05-03-2014 ::


SLEEP has caught me
more than once
awakening while
living life

:: 04-29-2014 ::


EACH soul
a cosmos
u n i v e r s e
c r e a t i o n s
an explosion
of expression
s u p e r n o v a
p a s s i o n !

:: 04-13-2014 ::



Prejudice in society reflects
two horns and a forked tail
deep spider-mud across the land
putrid waters full of dead hearts

Prejudice in society spits
giant columns of hell fire
black doves in the Joker’s mask
four-leaf clovers spinning backwards

Prejudice seeps into the conversation
when lips and brain are not connecting
only the true soul of the bearer
Many bars in hell rejoice in drunken hiss

Clear eyes in a sheath of pure light see
there be no paradise for dark souls
a parade of masquerades for the hidden
chained links of tied tongues scream

:: 04-10-2014 ::


I dressed my shadow
in the finest clothes
so sorrowful I was
many a year to see
how darkly it wore
the fallen light of my soul

and we took a tour
through Brussels
and rode a train
toward ancient history
and my shadow cried
to see a blue whale
beached up in a tree
and a cat caught in a wave

and so many people dead
walking like their shadows

and my shadow gave back
the fine clothes it wore
and said living light was more
than what a shadow could bare
and he seeped back down there

today the sun is hidden
behind a little black spot
even the sun has a shadow
and life is fine for light reins

:: 04-03-2014 ::


IN my eager need I stepped beyond my living soul
into a place which kept those yet unseen goals
Such a surprise today I met!
To see the future and my life;
the good and sad and grand
and the ones who have I
loved, met, and died —
upon their lips they sang
to me, “achieve all my dreams”
within your life;
another step I took — returned
and now believe my dreams.

:: 03-20-2014 ::


the tyrannical evil
of creativity —
what already exists
the giant-eye
entrance and contain —
mutes individual creativity
an open mind will see
no longer the why or how
and only individuality and freedom
produce originality —
novelty in infinite universes
that is the reason for freedom

:: 03-14-2014 ::


MANY secrets hide away
which man nor woman see
Plainly before us they lay
But the trained eye knows
only that which it sees

:: 01-29-2014 ::