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HELLO; an act of no fault
deeply sleeping but
hello to ALL while i am
dreaming upon my prose;
hello at the seeing-sleeping
fault of my glyphs
— how to express the, ‘no
one ever told you’ — i no
no no disturb a fault while your
family genetly greviously mistakes
you never knew your fears’& i forget
,no one told me how you gently sleep
folded deeply within your forgiven

:: 05.21.2020 ::


I DON’T even want to say hello
unless the cat has run away
could you be more explicit
in your demanding ways
I don’t even want to feed the fish
who says the ocean can’t live
if your love isn’t given my way

Life was easy when it was boring
nothing more than schemes of thieving
so it was when I woke up this morning
Life is so blue when colors run south

I don’t’ even believe in the fairy
who says the rabbit likes the eggs
and Santa has it easy with his wife
Rudolph gives more than his red light

Life is boring but when I’m snoring
life has more than just a meaning
life is dreaming without a reason
I can dream of schemes…

when I’m dreaming in my sleep!