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FILTHY pieces
of long-forgotten
thoughts i remember
i forgot to keep it
all far inside the die’
ist part of my vibrant
HEART-flower and sometimes
i looked within your heart-
shaped Soul so fragile and
Evil: i ate you all
makes The Tablet by
the firey finger-tips
of my mind : i have never
said go -and-die /you’re alive
| gathering sheep and smelling
fresh air i tripped over mySelf |
its an illusion called
Life — Hey! WAIT! i have a
message /you invited\ …

:: 07.22.2020 ::


MY calm heart weeps
in all (did i say
express life?)
of this magnificent
day __ it is the fruit
of breakfast mornings
any m,erry berry pretty
(i shall awaken soon)
to this-day! \you and this
grand thought who-singsong
says –does do re mi
with her white three
stimpstamps) chokechump
singSpeckled brightendSKIN
moi bay be daz lovely
YOUR EYES are the world’s
oceans and that heart!

and i have forgotten the
five simple facts
— and simply: when we are
forever and not this ‘now’
i say we shall never be
the dead children of adults
so gently lay down your head
to dream(nothings) of || i
can begin to imagine
through mysterious mankind
locked in foreverish time!

::; ;07-192-15 ::