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MOTHER, all the monsters are now gone as Love and Spirit have \defeated them;
and what is left is a gaping holethat can only be filled by Light and Soul.

Gripping my throat / gripping my soul / gripping all life;

Is my fear\is my fear\is all my undying fear

AND my lover, the other; a woman who stole my heart — i gave her all
that of good & bad; and my heart — always one too!

Don’t you breath upon me my fear!
don’t you tread upon me evil one!

If I could cry and I’ve tried
If I could sleep and I would
I would never belie this fact:
that many hearts are darkly lit
but never within my own heart!

:: 12-01-2017 ::
Rev: 02.24.2020


IT’S looking like a prison chart
one in a cell the other shot
What would our Fathers say
tyranny given for security yeah

Make-shift news to confuse
such sheep-like minds
a billion bullets aimed at you

I never want to be a statistic
on a government chart
there has to be a better way

We are living
in a synthetic world
there’s too much information
running through my brain

There’s too much information
driving me insane
give the whole world a breather
there’s too much information

driving me insane!