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MOTHER, all the monsters are now gone as Love and Spirit have \defeated them;
and what is left is a gaping holethat can only be filled by Light and Soul.

Gripping my throat / gripping my soul / gripping all life;

Is my fear\is my fear\is all my undying fear

AND my lover, the other; a woman who stole my heart — i gave her all
that of good & bad; and my heart — always one too!

Don’t you breath upon me my fear!
don’t you tread upon me evil one!

If I could cry and I’ve tried
If I could sleep and I would
I would never belie this fact:
that many hearts are darkly lit
but never within my own heart!

:: 12-01-2017 ::
Rev: 02.24.2020


Between the frost and dreams of my afternoon,
while sitting waiting so patiently for you
I saw the scene arrange itself
as though by your will; a flower here
and the sun there and love within my heart

I grew a stem-lit candle by my fear
the wax bled through my life slowly
and Romeo echoed all the pain my dear
my ceiling caught the dancing flame
and the corner shadows sang Juliet

And the table of dinner by the wine
and the windows opened for the ghosts
sat Rachmaninoff my intimate friend
That I think should be my soulMate
Should be resurrected for this date

And time stood silently by the gate
while mere mortals like God’s heart
defied the laws of human-fate
I chose the soup and crumpets
and watched the world die this night

:: 11-08-2014 ::


but it was you who asked
for eternal life my love!
Sacrificing sun for the moon,
the lamb for the creeping
thing.  Now you say you want
to shop on rodeo Drive during
the day!

I just want to bite you
all over again!

:: 09-19-2014 ::


LIGHT removes hidden secrets
those dark betrayals of life
love begets that soft truth
and gives, thus heals all scars

:: 03-11-2014 ::


(c) E.P. Robles (2010)

I NEEDED someone
strong to lean upon
so I leaned upon
my solid bare walls
Such held me —
with strength
and did not
cause me pain
So I lean and cry
upon the surface
of those solid walls
and wish to heaven
that my walls
could hug me back

:: 02-03-2014 ::


A SLUMBERING breeze blows
beyond clambering hills
and conjures a song
So somber from trees


Crystal silence sings
a painful burning flesh
and threads in dreams
devouring numbing stings

So stiff the twilight
that constricts my throat
I muffle a yawning cry
from dawning fright

The moon…

Lay pale in listless shroud
and death is no wonder
In varnished white clouds
comes rumbless thunder

Never a stretch in mind
Oh, fiery blood, crackle bone
Only limb, neck and hair
Sharp fangs– a soulless moan

And you…

Forgive me, for I am cannibal
so romantic and tragic is my tail
Slaying both human and animal
always beneath a moonlight pale

I am the shadow

Beneath your footfalls
and dark cold light within
In tearless eyes of yellow
My hunger screams for you

In your dreams

I come, nimble and serene
Prancing first for smell
toward scents you resemble
and within your morbid dreams

I will always scream for you

:: ancient ::


BLUE rains falling
— a taste of pain
Mother Earth smells
— her moist soil…
pre-natal assault
reminds me of you
I was born
before I had a soul

Laughing rays
— the sun is a whore
— she gives her light
to everyone…
I don’t want you
to be a star
unless you shine
just for me

Blue rains falling
it drives me insane
Blue rains falling
we’re one in the same

I can’t even walk
— a cobble stone
let alone
— a lifetime alone…
unless you give
to me your love
Who says two lovers
can’t be the same

Blue rains deliver such love
you will see such love in darkness
And you will find such love
when you find your heart in him


LACRIMOSA II (Tears of Sorrow)

IN cranial space
— knowing not evil
lurking there…
weakly I crawl
into razor-tears

So often
so deathly near
is my fear

Today near death
— but grazed
nothing happened
but life
Tomorrow’s chance:
a touch of death

Cold-nights bring
black void-ignorance
death-kiss teach-us fear
tomorrow happens – for some
the end more near



WE are all possessed
by nature a parasitic
light that bestows
Humanity unto beasts
Bless be it say all —
the indomitable soul!



I WOKE you from your slumber
not knowing the animal you were
and you ate me — heart and soul
Your bites made me cry

I dove like a feather
against a hurrican sky
you were busy — so busy
tasting my spirit and soul

You were a monster
living in my heart
just a monster
doing your part…

I want to have control
give me the reins of life
I just want to move on…

I want to start over
Yeah — but I realize
there’s nothing left of me

You were a monster
living in my heart
just a monster
doing your part…

I’m half of what I use to be
just a pie in the sky
a slice of a feather
floating from hell to heaven

I’m a broken record
nothing more than a skip
across the stylus of love

You were a monster
living in my heart
just a monster
doing your part…

I want to have control
but my head is in my heart
nothing good comes from this
so I cry and laugh all the same