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THE contour of a

popped kernel

Slipped into my mind

as a silliest

th ought popcorn

pops is a mean guy

who viciously beat

the woman who loves

me. i like eating

popcorn but hate


MY kernal of #truth!

:: 07-16-2018 ::


The town buried her beneath peach-red skies:      less than several days ago.

All the while in the distance, gravel-filled               caws in the distance measured a
thickness of time; the casket lid, rained                  with tears, sank beneath Earth’s longest wave.

Everyone had dirt under their nails                     and a heavy weight of guilt. Then,
at night on the 1st of May she returned               to town on an errand so vital
that she had come                                                    unannounced and entered

into the cafe where she last had cried–              while holding the hand of her lover,
she sat down at the chair with red eyes              and again watched her fiancé bleed
from a wound within his head; his blue             sapphire eyes melting as their dying hearts.

THE gunman was wrestled to the ground
on top of a love poem she
had penned to her fiancé . In part it read:

“The town buried her beneath peach-red skies…”

:: 04-25-2018 ::

The Screaming Rose

I’d never heard a rose

scream then again

one never spoke to me

She’d lost her petals 

of her Spring by when

her season changed

where is my love! Beyond

the valley-sorrow awash

over hills o’blue!

is when I heard

a rose scream

all her red upon the ground

and just but thorns

and wilted stem 

screaming, “woe is me!” 

:: 03-16-2015 ::

The Dinner Plate

the dinner plate
is quite empty
i sit here
quietly awaiting
a meal for my soul
and thoughts
as clean as porcelain
invade me
the clarity of my mind
fed me!

::  03-10-2015 ::


I once took a ‘failure’
within my heart
and gave it love
did you see it?
It grew a rainbow
that spanned life
And I said to it
‘Life my dear,
is the taste,
like bitter death’
The summer knows
that it always falls
and then soon,
into a cold wintry truth

Such is the life of living!

:: 11-02-2024 ::


MY lost, my little life!
Before sunrise
a death sat __
my belly once full
now defeated!
A cruel birth.
Me: an invisible
mother whose
swollen hearts
ache to feed!
Your mouth —
my heart,
I wish to feed,
but only bleed!

:: 10-28-2014 ::


AND i’d cry
if my last tear
hadn’t died
falling for you

:: 10-27-2014 ::


and I die(d) “thanking my word: so long ago”
“would you; yes you would”
“and, everything, everything…”
“if you try to breath…”
“I choke upon the flesh of my dying skin…”
“you used to be a little boy”
“…and everything, tries — and I choke believing,”
“do you?”
“and every feather, petal, leaf, and heart,

speaks (cry) loving (hugs)


:: 10-22-2014 ::


dispensed by my
day of enormity
My hand I gave
but not touched
never and forever
this horror aches
and reasons bleed
like heartHole Me
I must be this
terrible monster!

:: 10-17-2014 ::


I see her house over there
she’s collapsing dreams
And it makes me scream
Ohh! Aagh! I sing, crying!
my dreaming sinking
awaking I walk across
the sidewalk with fingers
entwined in spider string
and I scream; “ahh!
she is his, but so lovely!”
and I breath, little fish swim
inside my heart singing aha!
I sat with the troll and gnome
and I glued them together
they slowed the retro-degrade
and sang’ “oooh, err! Ah huh oh!,
and today’s your birthday
while you, in a daze, writing
poetry to the gods of smoking
eye-love and liquor: thum-thum
a-thum thum thum!

:: 10-91-2014 ::