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Tomorrow My Prophecy

i heard the drops of rain
falling upon my brain.
the hearing was different
than its feeling;
my thin arms too
felt preternatural
as frogs and fish began
to fill the courtyard.

i imagined smelling memories
of folly idleness;
the thinking was deeper
than the doings.
most eyes closed
with shuttered sight
tomorrow my prophecy
of a better light.

tonight i sleep awake
and tomorrow awake
sleeping for another
moment of delicious

speaks the poet
within my heart.

:: 10-10-2017 ::




THE visitor denied a knock
upon the weathered oak
— of my door

Startled firstly by the sight
this a visitor standing
— upon my floor

His travels did surely age
such genteel features
— ancient eyes so brilliant

Before great solidity I almost spoke
then instinct took me whole
— hush and listen to the voice

The words — before he left — were wisdom
a gift beyond most priceless treasure
— fair well my friend…

and hope we meet again

:: 01-24-2014 ::