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My heart has asked of me, by the stream
it asked of me:

(What feelings are if anything, truth.)

Do the trees sing their songs
when the wind blows?

The spider web sways but maintains.

When your legs are moving along life’s
twisting paths, do I (your heart)
speak softly to you?

The witness are the clouds above you.

As the tears come who sees your
shadow hide behind the rocks?

The falcon’s call of nothingness,
that spins your mystery.

And sunrise is a wondrous gift
and sunset but a promise.

:: 11-25-2018 ::


listen. Of hearts that sing —
wailing aside. Better if eyes
could taste the color love
And in flight with bee
a passionate kiss from thee!

:: 10-15-2018 ::


THE visitor denied a knock
upon the weathered oak
— of my door

Startled firstly by the sight
this a visitor standing
— upon my floor

His travels did surely age
such genteel features
— ancient eyes so brilliant

Before great solidity I almost spoke
then instinct took me whole
— hush and listen to the voice

The words — before he left — were wisdom
a gift beyond most priceless treasure
— fair well my friend…

and hope we meet again

:: 01-24-2014 ::