Daily Archives: February 25, 2014


Just once I sang from the bottom of my soul.
It was a joyous jelly bean bouncing on the
hot pavement of my heart and it left tracks
of gooey sugar from 1st Avenue to Melbourne Lane.
The crowds of people clapped as it made its way
and that dog who fell in love with you — his
eyes I fell into before your fragrance lifted
my soul to higher realms above the rooftops
of that older section of housing in the Big

I have no idea where the jelly bean landed but
know that my heart fell into one of the many
street gratings and I await a torrential flooding
so my heart rises and I can escape to find you
before I’m washed into that vast ocean, forever lost.

:: 02-25-2014 ::


(Image Courtesy of Google Images)

The cane-fields were thick and tall but the summer’s sun much higher.
We ran through those paths between the green rows of sweetness
and the laughter of your voice made the sugarcane that much sweeter.
I cut down a stalk at the risk of some farmer finding out and made a flute
and we danced on the riverbank of the Mighty Mississippi that day.
You told me to follow my dreams whatever they might become but I said
I only had one dream and it had come true that day.  We were 13 and
I moved on but you died the following week.

:: 02-25-2014 ::


That easy rhythmic sound is what i need,

a swing beat in jazz to touch and feel.

So I do my best to stay one foot ahead

of those lazy-crazy slices of falling time

of which some are stuck in the inferno trees

outside my window. A hellish wind fans them

but I rely upon Count Basie to sooth it all out

and I won’t look out the window anymore.

:: 02-25-2014 ::