Daily Archives: February 27, 2014


MY friend of stature walked by
always dream-walking he is
I was leaning out my window
two stories high when I saw him
the giant beast who slumbers
I whistled for him and he turned
and a single step before me was he
his face as wide as double windows
and eyes as large as boulders
but gentle brown fawns in composure
I told him my problems and he sighed
and tears fell down his massive cheeks
I caught a few within my room
and nearly drowned from his passion
go gently my dear gentle giant
I walk with you along the dream path
and may never wish to visit this world again

:: 02-25-2014 ::


Truth be told I could not sleep
before I said a word or two
about young and old that toll
in a cold world without a blanket
or a morsel of food for the belly
I walk down the street and see
a sea of humanity between paradise
ones that have a car the other dying
human look at my life I’m a lot like you
a paycheck away from disaster
but I have food and a blanket too
so Jesus come today and spread love
give us that mana from your basket
and do a trick or two before we all die
we need someone to love us
to love us the whole day through

:: 02-25-2014 ::


All the hours of our living
a running stream of sand
brings us closer to the day
when we meet the reaper
So lover take my hand
let’s run away to a land
where the sun never sets
and the moon stars and rain
sing and dance all the same
my love sings to your soul
and that piper paid a toll
he crept across lover’s lane
and paid to buy our souls
All night souls feel the pull
so baby take my hand
like Romeo and Juliet

:: 02-25-2014 ::


LOVER I had the perfect
love poem within my heart
but the moment I began to write
I suffered a complete breakdown
and my hand shook in deepest passion
it was that fire within that burned
and my writing paper consumed
and pencil took flame like a candle
but the words I have upon my lips
and I shall give them to you tonight
one syllable at a time between kisses

:: 02-25-2014 ::


My clover sweet flora
so gently against my eyes
what dream today my green
beneath me a burning hell
above is only deep blue sky
I sing to me a mystery tune
ancient but doves live to fly
a piece of me if you choose
to take a peace of love with you

:: 02-25-2014 ::


Persona non grata —
I sang beneath
the moonlight sonata
a ghost finger touched
a quiver — semi-tone note
my soul did concave
beneath that haunting
longing aching spirit
So persona non grata
my coattail in winter snow

:: 02-25-2014 ::


So you have faced adversity too
and sometimes life’s just so cruel
and people can help or let you drown
sometimes they stand and watch
while you wither away internally
But when the rain comes down
and there’s no doubt the pain —
is your deepest sorrow
just remember I’m here for you
a golden friend of the heart
and my soul is here and true
for you I would do anything
so listen to me now —
life is nothing more than love
and anything less is an empty hour

:: 02-25-2014 ::


(c) E.P. Robles 2012

MY life passed me by
backwards it walked  
never looking behind

I knew it’s path before
to follow was my desire
but time restrained myself

A witness was all my role
to see mistakes, nothing more
the reversal of misfortune
a pittance of late wisdom

:: 02-26-2014 ::