Daily Archives: February 16, 2014


a step or two into the civilized-wild
just a breath or two from safety
and the stares stabbed me in the heart
and what thoughts they threw i knew
it had to do with the body i grew

sometimes — sometimes i cry enough
but times these times are so damn tough
if i could catch a rocket to the moon
— i would too

i run back into my four-walled universe
where opinion is the hardest, me-on-me
and the only friend i have isn’t flesh
but that special mirror that fixes things
and i cry so tired i cry the world’s tears

:: 02-16-2014 ::


YOU love simply and love-adore
before the first
tiny footstep

hush baby breath

the gift you gave twinkle eye
baby hand hug so tight

your soul beyond the gulf
timeless space-fizzy-place

I live just for now my child
to bring you here — for awhile
thank you for this honor!

such sorrow my time is short…

but we have eternal roles
I shall see you again-again

:: 02-10-2014 ::


The greatest cosmic joke:

that humans believe
they are in control
of world affairs

the cosmic Jester
— laughs —


when words evaporate. such design
threat to a collective — hidden
timeless truths uttered once written
but soon erased. Jefferson.
Lincoln. Franklin and King
the diseased move forward
malignant plans unseen in shadow
911 Pearl Harbor JFK and more
the winds blow
— ice and fire
and sharp needles twice stitch
in half the time

:: 02-15-2014 ::


I am from a simpler time
but the message given now
before the big.
hunger a choice mostly diet
a drive —— across the land
a permit absent
not yet needed
a visit to the market
absent para-police eyeing
and the neighborhood
yet no need for armed watch
but hear I do the coming crash
— not of water but complete


:: 02-15-2015 ::