Daily Archives: February 8, 2014


(c) E.P. Robles 2013


i cannot forget but shall forgive
one the mind, the other the heart
and if forget my warmth should you
i gave to you from my heart
please forget I crossed your path
pain is true and love that more

:: 02-08-2014 ::


(c) E.P. Robles 2013


such wind blows my love upon your dreams
that flower of fields once knew bright warmth
and now the grasp of pain so cold sweeps
upon frozen tears pain hurts the soul
i should say come away — away from sorrow
but the gate between fate and me is locked
should i find that eternal key — be your heart

:: 02-08-2014 ::


(c) E.P. Robles 2013


know that i was to pen a poem about your loving graceful self
whoever you are my future lover but feline pleasure command
demanding attention from surely something more than i
that meow transcended fangy pleasure plush quadruped heart
mystical thoughts transmitted electrical blue sparks
hurting that thinking machine but the source so sweet

no difference between my cat

and that future lover

plush love purring throughout the night

:: 02-08-2014 ::


(c) E.P. Robles 2013


thinking with my organic something is unappeal
how to enjoy the meal life gives bland stove-top petrify indoctrination gadget
infused miniaturization of ghastly do-little meat puppets chatting nonsense
when weather is fair.

regardless of my attire my organic something always dresses in emperors
clothing and secret eyes admire from afar the fine tailoring of that 3.5 pound
of mystery meat whose function I could care less about unless it’s under a
scalpel in bright lit operatic stage

i am the audience and the play and refusal to say my preordained lines is an
orgasmic neurotic sensation that mostly only a God can know — save me

Please…save me, okay?

and when that musty wind glass shatter beneath carpet-burned boney knee I am
very pleased as the pain is affirmation that my knee still alive but the rest
of the husk of a carbon-based brilliant animal is walking dead beneath sodium
vapor light abandoned roads leading nowhere but that spot you sleep and wake
and dream and shit and eat and copulate upon.

that spot…dirty isn’t it?

my refusal to admit or decree a sacred source
but flowers toil and the soil is moist
a perfect spot for this organic something

a depth of six feet south

:: 02-08-2014 ::


(c) E.P. Robles 2013

a strain of realization
beyond the eye-see

a touch of familiarity

delicate is such wonder

a poised daisy in a field
more expansive than mind

dropping tears in vast
nothing do

a gleam of immortality
dipped fog-dew

:: 02-08-2014 ::


(c) E.P. Robles 2013

I gave my love to one
and swore to God above
she would be the one
I would die in old age
loving and cherishing
and this I swore before
mankind and heaven
even the angels of glory
that she walked away
was not my bidding
so here I stand
firmly in faith
that my word is strong
and shall never sway
that she walked away
does not mean
I did the same
so I remain
empty handed
but still in love

:: 02-07-2014 ::



A drop of tear split ages
asunder my fears lover
time no more than mind
but love such as ours
gently touches life
and living must we
between fear and pain
and love and fame
nothing compared dear
to that heart of yours
that which I die for
many times each day
my majesty lives
within my dreams
love and lover
forever more

:: 02-07-2014 ::


(c) E.P. Robles 2012

TICKLE feeling love kiss
diving pleasures a mist
heavy passion smothers
such love kiss lips
soft thigh rub heart
gentle night cuts me
distance belay lust
come hither lover
stay with me – you
I drown in passion
lifeguard of my heart
come save me

:: 02-07-2014 ::



LISTEN dear do you hear
the bells a ringing?
there were birds
in the sky
and they were singing
a wonderful song
full of loving
so I say just to you
take my hand
there be love all around
but the love I want
is what I found
it’s you — oh you!

:: 02-07-2014 ::



mirror mimic me
show me shadow
perfection glass
give me lies

mind me mirror
speaking easy
flowers —
misty song perfume

tonight is sin
tomorrow beg
grace above —
that One forgives

time burning
my fleshy youth
so plans in plans
i’m tricking you

twisting fate
upon my finger
commanding you
with my power

tonight my altar
at the ‘y’
i pray you pray
bending more than knee

:: 02-06-2014 ::