Daily Archives: February 28, 2014


THAT seventh heaven
today I died not in flesh
but in spirit so —
both I did in equal measure
’twas I just a step
from His throne

:: 02-28-2014 ::


(c) E.P. Robles 2012

My refusal an entertainment
for my soul that chooses
denial of painful living
and ruffles on bold wrists
this flair life has given
a dare not many have taken
I stand up and face it daily!

:: 02-28-2014 ::


(c) E.P. Robles 2013

Oh my Father did not you hear me!
that day I was born a harbinger
for the words I spoke were a cry
and emotions, high as love, joy,
fear, and pain visited that night
this day again, those friends of my
first-day arrive —
Oh, cry I do!
but more a machine-drive
for all my tears have dried
and so my love and joy
but fear and pain —
never relinquish their place

:: 02-28-2014 ::


STOP  beat  breath
breath beat stop
carnival dance
illusions entrance

lover beat-kiss me
enrapture the wind
vocal tenor capture
life slide beside me

what more be wants me
melon slices quench
strawberry kiss lips
butterfly tender tickle

love god angel hug be
father take me-light
save dark-them see
we fight slay ill see

::  02-27-2014 ::


My wave of emotion rolls tender silk
a lullaby song against spring speak
oh lovely rolling rapturous  lips
bleeding dreams and waves into me
what woman are you that you be
so elegantly complete in mine eyes
a symphony of bee-so-loving-thoven
that beauty so angelic stay secret
if for me and no other man – spoken
I love you and that is golden woman

:: 02-27-2014 ::


What tragedy could encase my pain
such travesty when love saves
immensely my wrong-dos today
the delicate pain of love say
a burden greater than a soul
my blue bleeds across the skies
and my heart fades in yellows
beneath the horizon’s sun scream
butterfly tickle me-soul now
perchance a drop of love from
dangling eternity-skies
passion-lip hush-kiss now

:: 02-27-2014 ::


So there you are hidden in your beauty
that golden shadow cascades beyond delight
and being the nymph of love I peak inside
and see this light of pure innocence there
My elegant lust who keeps the hidden trust
my prayer is that you release the locks
allow me to enter paradise and lush-love
we are creature-souls that bite ripe fruit
and your harvest is full and mine appetite due