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Time step; THE stolen moments
where pain stops and dreams
become real.
threaded through the space
of love-eyes as sung-sings
past-present and futures.

Hearts: the mountain’s rivers
released as a knot torn out
of an awakened mind.

The many but few against the
unaware mass of deepest
sleepers denying the One Light!

AND the blazing sun and all stars
unjustly crowded by deep spacing
, and echoes of Divinity –
lies /have greater ripples
fatter, clutching
dimmer light, U-
understand \
as the Earth seizes-weezes
a bloodclot from its global nose.

MindSphere greetings goes wild,
textPerts too,

a darkMuscle-blood, it too
conceals itself folded within
the secrets and shadows it
carries within most humanity.

Reproduction by
fear, greed, hate, and envy

it buds.

:: 01-04-2017 ::


manipulate my brain damage my connection

i’m your lonely patient like burning liars in

a blanket of ash

so perturbed by my mind you remove

parts of my heart-brain and the voices stop

and i’m so comforted by my loss, of mind;

and i’m so relieved

by the loss of my life;

it creates a circular lesion within my brain

:: — 08-05-2016 — Rev: 11-01-2016 ::


ETERNITY shall not escape
regal time: one resides
within a stream ~~~~~
the other outside of
all rivers of life!
A boisterous thought that
many hold!

Eternally yours,


:: 07-01-2015 ::


today i felt the smallest
the pin-pricked sunspot
upon my stretched soul
and today a molecule
said, ‘i’m bigger than you!’
it pulled down it’s pants
and smiled — but i’m not
like you!  Said i!
And produced the flesh
of my own — see!
I possess the universe
in every spot of my soul!

:: 03-14-2015 ::