Oh, i saw a human walking today
pink umbrella made her woman
and nature sang within my head
“i’m woman too”
but the sidewalk was there
and my footfalls told me
there, that is man
the cracks of maturation
like snapped spinal columns
upon a scrabble board
(the anti-inflammatory med used
to treat arthritis and bursitis)
WORTH: 1,778 points
where the sun sat above me
i wondered how far i could touch
then placed the tiles upon the board
reading, “QUIZZIFY”
(to quiz or question) WORTH 419 pts.
i need oxazepam (392 pts) to reduce
my anxiety now
loving words and that slab of brain
we all carry at the very top of our
physical self. crazy

:: 09-11-2015 ::

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