Daily Archives: September 30, 2015


if i lie within my bed of pain
let’s call her death
and my sheets i’ve woven
entwined in dreams of youth
that i took your breasts
within my mouth  i weep!
and to see how life expands
into a thin string of weakness
and of your-heart and smile
too i’ve seen thinly die
i ate the dreams
from your mouth and arguments
are stupid things spectral ghosts
of hungry love!
but your eyes and lips and hands
are just as ghostly to my heart
as years that creep away and
so do you!

:: ~~ ::


we werelings like savings (trolls dancing
beneath bridges) coins in pockets clanging
like silver hearts whose words like lips
closed speaking and two foot liking
here of this earth dancing Eine kleine Nachtmusik,
K525! we order a life and they send us a thought
(like someone ordered pie) and let us dance over
smashed words — open broken vows of oath so
trembling cracked — smiles ~~ i see nothing
but drenching spray of pink and white and reds
all across this unbelievable lovely life! So dance,
sing! Twirling souls have no time for fear
or hurt or pain!

:: 07-25-2015 ::


i can hear the footsteps of God
i feel Him falling feet upon
my heart
I see the sun eating skies
i taste love in all tears
of souls
if one plus one equals two
then lovers are balanced
by the love of the sun
if i kiss you then love
we are One

i heard the mystics singing
where enchantment was hand-
in-hand with seasons
and teaching us to love
for goodness sake —
myself two-and-two together
walking in Dragon shadow
at one fine October season
and legends can teach us
to love two-in two
showing how a pure heart
is loved by the sun
loved by the One and
words are grown by mystics
but love by the sun
:: ;09292015 ::


Before I was confused the lie was on my head
at crossroads for my heart goes out across
the south into the west right upon the stomach
of truth you hold ; i abused, sweet baby
i have no idea where you’ve been // hypnotized
me again (/?)because who wanted it again //
if sometimes my heart stays within your soul
//oh oh ,ah, ah…ah…oh , ah…LIFE is
a lover carrying this soul like flowers
to his woman and i don’t know // a second season
and this message is a mad hatter carrying
suspicious messages, importing the cruelty of roses
and Jesus keeps on crying and the clouds raining
and my skin like the poisonous fragility of ice
newly formed upon an old pool — i am the fire
who grew so low ooh oh. And Jesus keeps on crying
and it’s raining //

:: ;09292015 ::


Saturday was a good day so kicked off my shoes
and ran through the sand along Pensacola beach
Sadder days are like broken billboards yeah
along the promenade of empty streets
I listen to my radio and shut you out
I seem to be the only one who walks alone
I took a swim inside me and the ocean joined
sea turtle spread it’s fins and pushed
away the water to move like i walk alone
on the streets of broken billboards along the
promenade of my mind
Sometimes I know I am the convulsed mind of
of my moon across the ocean
ugh, fill my microscopic heart with (black tiny
things where a large beach crosses) and my voice
is mimicking my dead heart so dull my senses

:: 09292015 ::


I didn’t know your name when we met
on the train; destinations like ghosts
who have lost their bodies
Onward we road the rail with thunder
and destiny.

:: ~~~~~ ::



My confession to you:
I wish to dig my flesh inside of you
and feel your soul // quiver and tremble //
tears of joy.
And, animal lust beyond a passion
surpassed only by Resurrection and
Immaculate Conception!

:: ~~~~~ ::


I took this secret journey just me and my mind
and what lay before me i could not understand
and night into day bled and i met this holy man
and his wisdom was his world
and he told me what I’ve never heard
and his light were words i heard
“You will understand light in this
darkness, you will know what compassion means,
you will learn to live and love
and no thing will harm your soul.”
His blindness was his wisdom and my ignorance
was my pain but when you make your
secret journey you will see light in this darkness
and you will meet this Holy Man

:: ~~~~~ ::


Just one voice to say
one word
in a forest full of trees
one just feel
some rejoice in this world
But for those who feel
such love
so compelled to express
their fear
we live not for justice
or such liberty
but for love and the
magic of tragedy!

:: ~~~~~ ::