Daily Archives: September 4, 2015


i saw the seen within you
the love when you realize
how it feels
the poem abstractly direct
and all fallen leaves which
maybe crumble beneath my
dreams analog ascension
exactly toward a beautiful
connection of spirit:
To taste with eyes
to kiss with tongue
because i am the descendant
of all love as you as us
as we as me as all

it is my heart that proclaims
all fiction a rhythm of wind
blowing a story of the beginning
and ending of all stories told

an exogenesis of Eros

:: 099-04-2015 ::


IT won’t be long before they cut you down
you can run on for a long time until
they cut you down . . .

with all good & gracious news
have you ever heard the saddest story
in a prison — it’s the saddest story

languish in a dark cell
chunks of masonry fall
stealing any sleep you have
is a long-time never been
where dreams evaporate quietly
an easy place to blow up all
your problems and so easy to break
down inside of yourself

i am the halo around an angel
called My Sweetest Death
i am the core of all i know
i am that i am more
i am so happy with the Divine Presence
the source of all my rewards

have you ever heard the saddest story
in a prison — the saddest story
a prison called MIND

:: 09-04-2015 ::