Daily Archives: September 23, 2015


say i say         i am so alright
i am me and forever
forgiving how the sun
is my skin oh son
i look like you and even
though mother looks like
someone you are me my son
and everything i blame
in shame — a choking sun
in all 0ur sun i feel as one
and love you love you
love you love you
i wish i was a silver snail
crawling all along infinity
and we sing, ‘in the sun we
feel so warm, in the sun,
we crawled across the sands
of life’ if i was so like you
i say i’m not you in my nasty
salt i am all to blame and
seeing you praying under the
sunlight blub sun i sing,
“wishing all of my apologies
are so sweet like so like
sherbert sweet ice and i know
i am the one to blame i receed
from choking ashes of blame
and feel the sun and feel as one
and i scream: say i say i’m so
alright i am me and forever
forving how the sun is my skin
oh love oh love of all of us
is all is all we all and i look
like you and so all we are is
all we are…all we are is all
we are..all we are is all we all

:: 09222013 ::


i walk electric steps          speaking vocal electrocution
i bleed tiny snap’o fire
micro NSA chips
and falling fire-feet
of my “I never dreamed:
I never dreamed Oh never dreamed
I would ever meet someone like you
and time moves AND how life
moves away how it moves away
not that anything is really here
and I walk electric steps
whispering my energy;
vocal electrocution
the greyness of life is love
perhaps like a smile in sky
and your smile SO like a child
and her soul: plays a wicked
game to do to dream love and
innocence is alive and how
i love ~~~~how i want to fall
and how i want to believe in
to believe in you

:: 09222015 ::


I knew you in my melted golden fields
(so give me your hands upon my face)
I knew you in my fields of youthful bliss
i crumbled in tears too
i stood tall then fell eagerly
to remember how i helped you to escape
but you left me in ashes // together\\
i knew you in my melted golden dreams
(so give me your heart upon my soul)
I knew you in my eyes of sightless hope!
i drowned so far away from you Oh!
I knew you i knew you!
i knew you and so i cried remembering
how death touched our love –~ A flower
within a thing of thorns that never says
how, “i knew you in my melted golden fields”
(if this life is not worth living i give
it to God if the devil doesn’t catch it)
and don’t cry sweet lover — it’s never
the end of our smiles and happy times
and the fire eats everything good
but that’s no way to live — living i say
i have so good the memories of you
baby you gave me a life i never knew
and i knew you within my melted golden fields
so give me your hands upon my face baby

:: 09222015 ::


i BIG, the people beg the people
slaying this world
it doesn’t need an operation
we got mouth and got heart
and a sutured doctor in health plans
b l e e d i n g       small
we have thoughts, we rattle run
and shadow soldiers don’t kill
the strange –> it is us       it is us
running through gutters surviving
within a world of queens and kings
running along with sewer rats
wishing we one day we find a surface
of land and sun — i beg the people
, big people slay these motherfuckers
who have no mind and no soul
and give me another bullet cause i
see one running straight for me!
Politicians, religious demons, wall-
street fags eating everything we
built upon our knees and i’m all
so alone i can’t forgive my maker
so alone i can’t forgive my seeker
i’m so sadly me
i’m so sadly me

:: 09222015 ::


I MET the devil wearing a sun-dress this day in May she winked at me in a most persuasive way
and asked if I had change for thirty pieces of silver

being poor I only had my soul to offer this day

We strolled across the river of Life. I almost fell in.
Nimble and fast, she caught my heartstrings and said:
“Never do that again” — and my heart caught fire &
my eyes bled

i beg to be devoured by pleasure than wracked by life today

She loves me as the Libra that I am so romantic in my ways
i grab onto the drops of her tears, so swept away this sinful day: the giver
who never expects a gift in return –if only for love.

when doves die do they fly north or south – remain in place I say
Within my body a magnetic heart — attracts and burns some souls and crows
sing the song forgotten for so long as we dance for days twilight burns pavement
and heals unborn promises this way

ice cries and fire smiles all the while we wept as humans in life

I met the devil today and she was wearing the mask I lost in childhood.
Asking not what I could do for her — she gave a love unmatched burning fields of daisies
as we walked thru the countryside by side and the rains came — the skies moaned and asked for flesh and bone today.