Daily Archives: September 12, 2015


\mumble whisper telling me
how vacant is life’s lot
and i scribbled me how
i loved purple and words
and weekend love
it’s something like me
to be most loved in
an underworld sinks
how i feel (brilliant)anchor
world of sea salt-eyes
lost at sea it’s the
empty laugh and ghost
skin something how
no one loves me
but i love you mom
you gave me life at
sixteen and i became
the tears of your life
— semen and soldiers
brave war lovers and
dead souls too
i am dead too.
saying how much i love
you yeah. my head is
exploding thoughts!

:: 0911-2015 ::


MY noodle worm thinking thing!
how i love you in this vast
ugly smile that sun burns
who i perfected

perfect breasts
telling me my face
is a farmland growing
the youth of my heart
telling you
saying me: the softest
killing moon rises again
taking me through the
window of my masturbation
nights — cultured nights
with extended biological
laugh: we excrete hahaha
like life wet dreams
smelling human –taste
paste tooth grin! 🙂

:: 09-11-2015 ::


EATING my reasons i taste how speed kills me
a reminder of how sheep bleep gotta feel how
my skin feels so outta my ‘self’ — empty lips
killing me in all ocular reason so far
from home to find me to find myself i am
refugee of love (I CAN’T HELP MYSELF)
oh how we die (flat black dress in perfect gray)
no, how we lie and speed kills
coming down a mountain and the Jesus who never
touches ground a clean toe //woke up
inside myself and in God/gold how i feel your
lips and the world flocks to a tomb of resurrection
and i found myself/stone believing
i’m a silent refugee of painful roses
loving you so outta of my reach and how i love
the one so outta of my reach….eating my reasons
i taste how speed kills me a reminder
of how sheep bleep
–outside of refugee soul machine so warm
making faces so different like these playful
words and a poet is a shadow that we never let
through to the stage of strange life! a word,
or many like a chemical between us and we love
the ground and here it comes…the tongue of
mind and our brothers and sisters seem so
invincible! A world within my heart and mind!
to be perfect just like you

:: 091112015 ::


i was born together
with you today
feeling like feather
warble-thing YOU
to be here for you
is all i do
to believe loving you
it’ll be all there
when dreams come true
you shall be together
even in silence
a memory of God.
To be loving, you.
you’ll open heart
when my dreams come true
and rather i say be a
moving sea between the
shore of love within
our souls – share bread
but eat not from that
same loaf; to be happy
so joyous but let us
please, please, listen to me
it’s taken so long –longing
for you…but let each of
you be alone give to me
each other’s keeping loving
quivering with the same music
and stand together but not too near
together: I’M Not just the same
so full of love i could burst
upon the eye of heavy tears

:: 09-11-2015 ::


the LANDS where i smiled gave me
eaten bites of smiling mouth
I said “say, i’m the ghost
of riding spirits”
oh Lord, give me water
for i see thousands of sand-miles
but this horse with a grand heart
moves forth //across dry dreaming
deaths beyond now it is the 11th
of November if I’d been born in it
but I tell the gods I weren’t there
i found a string in this desert
and pulled it toward my heart
then had a true vision of happiness
but it was to wait for the war
(then mystery of what i am saying)
ee cummings too //?? maybe o’hara!
i am appearing yes, by my criminal record ~~
\if you make me right i say i must fight
to survive:: where boots are depleted smile
and soldiers are waves across an ocean
of ‘when we were the Great Nation”
tis the end of ‘lost the way’

:: 09-11-2015 ::


a beautiful word g o t so high
say me: what i am is all i see with
-in you better than me i hate myself so much
i feel i’m a mistake but you know it’s wrong
(what should i do?)
i’m a vein bleeding saying ‘what i give i
say i love and i’m not black sheep but love’
and you love me what should i do?
i’m all the blame within the life of
my skin (somewhere, somehow i knew this
before: a dream within a memory and if i’m nude
i say give beauty a sun)
i ratted life out! Jesus too and God licks lollipop
singing while He rides a bicycle on main street
with banners of angels dancing — the people died
loving Him. So save to say i love myself and know it’s
wrong: black sheep loves me too

:: 09-11-2015 ::


I have six fingers shaking hands
I’m cheap counting heartbeats
smiles smearing roadsigns and still i try
like a road longer than me
counting hours & whitelines
and still i go where-ever i roam
my engine stone wet and humming bird oh!
where we go here we go!
MET a devil on hwy 77 burning eyes laughing
gave me a kiss yuck!
i’m so fucked up roaming
roads called America’s Dream
so here i go all alone
here i am a lost name
i’m all on my own singing
bullshit i’m a deuce dried
mouth so i parked inside my
mind at the 999 mile marker
hahaha, so my mind is set
and odometer laughs my eyes
so dry i’m delirium
road tripping rollercoaster
brain pan ripped from me
and so here i go on the road
a mind counting miles till
i’m done so here i go
all the way to delrium

:: 09-11-2015 ::


ALLOW me to bend my knee
upon my impediments
that wish i alteration
for this thing called love
which is wish bending remover
to remove:

O no! Do not fool that heart
which experiences floods and
dangerous winds of looks
it is the star to every look
a wandering life too good
to last — obfuscate!
whose worth’s unknown my bee
tasting sweet honey heart
–the ‘all of me’ i say
true stay true for you
where time is not love’s fool
where dreams though through
my mind: rosy lips and cheeks
within my bending knee
bleeding/bending the flittered
wings of angels’s compass come;
where love does not alter time
in brief hours but between
sweet kisses of this love
— of ours!

:: 09-11-2015 ::


THE soul is dying and there’s no Christ
to save you//the roads are littered with
bits and pieces of memories of what was
the gutters are clogged with the spent
Spirits of the living and a dark wind
blows// with a government so corrupt
and we stand listening to the broadcasts
on tv and internet radio to realize we’re all
trapped within the gut of a bizzare machine
and we’re dying together with the falling
sun and overgrown flags and our hopes
i held the hand of my lover wishing saying
“kiss me” to release this dream of a fever
and she took my love one last time
we are the generation of chance
where the dice fall is only by God’s hand
:: 09-11-2015 ::


Oh, i saw a human walking today
pink umbrella made her woman
and nature sang within my head
“i’m woman too”
but the sidewalk was there
and my footfalls told me
there, that is man
the cracks of maturation
like snapped spinal columns
upon a scrabble board
(the anti-inflammatory med used
to treat arthritis and bursitis)
WORTH: 1,778 points
where the sun sat above me
i wondered how far i could touch
then placed the tiles upon the board
reading, “QUIZZIFY”
(to quiz or question) WORTH 419 pts.
i need oxazepam (392 pts) to reduce
my anxiety now
loving words and that slab of brain
we all carry at the very top of our
physical self. crazy

:: 09-11-2015 ::