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Her faith in love was a drowning fisherman
and the blood upon her lips flowing as a muleta.
But her soul as a hearth with brilliant embers
reaching upward forming a dancing vortex.

and the tears, the flowing tears of her eyes shone
brighter than a granted wish of any heart.

“Sing for me my Soul,
that God believe in me!
–hope, that periscope by inkwell
shall show me the land of my own
people that think as me.
That love as me.”

The thunderous voice of Silence
spoke and so it was and so it is!

:: 04-27-2019 ::
e.p.robles (c)


this night the wind is speaking softly
to me as aloft as a feather never
touching the ground.

and my love is a distance away.

That love comes to me it comes
mainly at night; when night is
a determined Spirit as so Love.

So my love as we both endure
exhaust from growing emotions as
flowers from Spring and at times
flakes of brilliant snow in cold
moments it is your eternal
hands and heavenly fragance that
exceed all space and time.

It is we who desire to endure!

:: 09-15-2017 ::


DEW, we cry
\so loose–
we sigh
a tear
a moan
the secret
we keep
a lonely
lonely soul
for life!

:: 08-13-2014 ::


I shed my tears
and night skin
that moon too
and all along
lonely voices
sing to me

“You filthy child
born of poverty
what good are you”

I hung my head
and shoved along
followed my tears
gutters love pity
but angels sang
“lovely one, child…”

Oh, love come soon!
a gentle hand is good
but the eye of pity
burns through my soul!
I am a little boy
and children hurt too

I wither in denial
and alone, what are tears
if my love is ignored
what is a poor child to do
if my smiles are ignored
humanity has many hearts…

one to love
another to hate
then again —
the killer is you
and my blood
drips from your hands

Oh, love deny
the beasts in life
and gather here
within my lonely heart
a kiss from heaven
mother-love come soon

:: 04-13-2014 ::


(c) ep robles 2013

THE poor beggar called loneliness
no worse have I see —
tattered clothes and holes for sock
and outstretched arms —
not for money

but for love

:: 02-13-2014 ::


(c) E.P. Robles (2010)

I NEEDED someone
strong to lean upon
so I leaned upon
my solid bare walls
Such held me —
with strength
and did not
cause me pain
So I lean and cry
upon the surface
of those solid walls
and wish to heaven
that my walls
could hug me back

:: 02-03-2014 ::


YES I did wish
to be the one
you wished
to take
your heart
above the skies

So sadly I fall
from your vision
I cry each feet
they cut — the fall

I am only human
faults I have
fantasy not…
what I possess
Is only human flesh

You say with song
such tune I devour
a concert for God
HE keeps the mood
Such decision for you

In repose I sing
my tender love
you remain in heart
such love is eternal
and love knows us

:: 01-27-2014 ::


WHAT faith
I have seen
from the young
to the elder
display a greatness
— in some
Empty have I been
for many a year
— then some

My message
to the One:
I forgive myself
— please come
the lonely thing
within is weak
— it withers
without your Light
Such blessings I pray
— visit me
this day and stay forever

:: 01-25-2014 ::


WHILE on a walk
through my forest
across a bridge
of ancient wood
I chanced to stumble
upon a treasure
a heart shaped
piece of puzzle
— a figural
’twas the last
of what I wanted
to touch the love
I so much needed
it’s shape and color
perfectly fit
— interlocking
then I sat upon a log
thunder struck
by the beauty
— of it all



MY feet bleeding
have walked upon
red roses

Tenderly touching
an echo of my soul
longing for a home

What distance away
in desperation walk
shall I return home?

Far I fear… so far
away beyond the hills
and over the clouds