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In this past I remember crickets &
flies indiscriminately conflating
phylum and Genus. Whether my flesh
within Babylon or Bayonne–
tonight is the toast of this Night:
Herr Ludwig Van Beethoven
his anger and brilliance could bore
kind hearts but his sugar notes and
finesse of the keyboard was charity
and progress — so sick am i within
all these strange looks […]
we saw and heard and were all these
sick happy heaps of children on the brink
of pleasant discovery.

:: 07.04.2020 ::


wishing i knew.
i know nothing
but know
that i am
wishing this
something we
all know.

it with no name
but confines us
to the four walls
of this wishing
room of madness.

i sometimes know
this something
but it’s bigness
is larger than
all life.

And at this moment
of knowing what
it is that we all
are wishing i know
its beauty is more.

so wishing is more
than what we can
ever have when
wishing is something
bigger than us.

:: 09-15-2017 ::


THEN like when early mornings
nodding wakefully by sunlight
and youthful slowly days turning
the page of that thick book of life
by when had once, and of their
loved moments of glad grace,
and the song of tender feelings
that by nature sings to hearts
between/below the rays of light
by babbling brook and glowing bars
And swollen tears too pregnant to birth
the breach of wishing, little sadly,
to see the dream fleeing upward
into the misty mountains overhead
I hide my own heart; my own life
the precious dreams of my own wishing!

:: 06-16-2015 ::