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Standing on the corner
of a street called life
i can see the freeway
and all my dreams

they’re rushing high
they’re rushing by

And a beggar begs for a dollar
the police for a crime
And a judge reminds me
of the nature of laws
within men’s twisted minds

so today i lose it
i lose the hope
so today heaven’s heavy
lead with a knotted rope

And heaven’s lost my heart
— today’s gone heaven’s lost
my heart and mind
today’s gone
so i say so long
with living time
standing on the corner
of a street called life

:: 09-15-2018 ::

We Are Nature and Nature Rules

AND WHAT IS the largeness of God?
All knowning and compassionate?
Judge, jury and executioner?
The beginning and ending of all?
the Alpha and Omega.
If so, then I am only one human,
a thing created by that One who
is surpassed by all things.
But this I do know: compassion
has no limits and greatness is
not confined to words. And
beginnings are not really
a beginning but moreso a
continuation of Life. And i am
focused on truth too.
My foot is within the ass of
all those who have polluted
the concept of a God; control
is their device but mine is
of Love and Patience. Let
the worlds’ institutions burn,
let the false words crumble,
and allow freedom of Sprit
to Rule: We are Nature.
And Nature Rules.

:: 09-25-2017 ::


when we like two cups upon the wind
twirling when like two flowers
colors and sun all within

we knew — and humans laugh
upon proposition they are
not only feeling beings

this Nation of nature
expands across the world
the united love of life

and when dear i felt you
ready to pollinate
bursting vein of my flower

there! the bee comes
delicately licking love
she hungry-buzz –wink
of eyes Saying she:

not only feeling being
her Nation of nature
expands across the world
the united love of life

why not human? oh why?

:: 07-25-2015 ::


THE human heart


but a FLOWER

has never waged



concerning the vampire

humans are worse —

the vampire drink blood

but humans

consume the carcass


:: 03-27-2014 ::


(c) E.P. Robles 2011

not for the dead
for they have lived
Not for the living
for they will die
— having lived
I cry for nature
for it must contend
with those that ruin
and plunder its vast

:: 02-05-2014 ::


SOME say death is by chance
a twist of fate
— merely happenstance
And other take the rein
believing death by their own hands
I say death is the magician
A slight of hand — misdirection
— allowing humans to believe
the end is fate or self-fulfilled
But angels see the COLD PACT
forged before time itself
Life is a ledger and always paid
— when balance is due

:: 01-12-2013 ::


WHAT does nature whisper
as she flows through your life
a gentle breeze across the fields
bending blade and stem

and you see such grandeur
through a car window
golden fields across deep blue
who loves you if not lovely nature

the lover who never cheats
showing lasting beauty
within her bosom
if not nature then whom?



IF with ancient eyes
you could see
the grinding passage
of human-time
And the cycles
that dance upon
the hearts and minds
of all-in-kind
What say, for your
— might plead
to be released
from the criminal act
of human folly