Daily Archives: December 15, 2017

AIMER, C’EST MOURIR (to love is to die)

My dear in pink
I love your color
I go, you speak.
My love never say
la belle damsel

So soft, agreed
So nice we know
your words are so
inside of me —
la belle damsel

I see your eyes
I feel your thighs
It’s a deep vanity
we’re lost for words
this account for love

So long a time
a space to say:

“Ever you speak
then to cry we laugh
we know in time we kiss
again, so to speak

To know a space so well
What it was and is
and came to be;
and willed to be
so i listen, you speak

la belle damsel

:: 12-14-2017 ::
:: Rev: 02-24-2018 ::