Daily Archives: December 1, 2017


i looked outside my sad window
and ate a piece of my heart
; felt the cold through the glass
window of this old home.
bidding time biting nails
and hear the bell tower at
6 pm — everything but you
So i called my mother – she was
out painting colors like
the sky at sunset so i put
upon my flesh (the raincoat)
from the pouring rain
Everything but you
Bit the upper flesh of my lip
and tucked inside my heart
from all the pain all the pain
— and I know dear, you love me;
you were meant for me and I for you;

I stood within the vast emtipness
of a field; shed the poison of
hurt and tramau and knelled inside
the mud and frozen dirt. If not
for my human form I could be just
the brilliant light within my Soul
; and if you failed to notice,
if you failed to see — love deserves
more than foolish games; word play,
terrible stares; horrible words.

:: 12-01-2017 ::


MOTHER, all the monsters are now gone
Love and Spirit have defeated them;
and what is left is a gaping hole
that can only be filled by Light
and Soul.

Gripping my throat
gripping my soul
gripping all life;

Is my fear
is my fear
is all my
undying fear

AND my lover, the other;
the woman who stole my
heart — i gave her all
my bad and good; and my
heart always to this one too!

Don’t you breath upon me
my fear!
don’t you tread upon me
the evil one!

If I could cry and I’ve tried
If I could sleep and I would
I would never belie these
facts: that  most hearts are black
but never within my deepest dreams!

:: 12-01-2017 ::