Daily Archives: December 5, 2017


 I AM the Heart.  The Spirit.
The wings of flight and love.
The many illusions of living,
Feeling, and even betrayal.

  And the small and great
Things upon four feet.
The stem reaching for the sun.
The grains of innumerable sands

Across the dry lands and the
Crystal-snow of high mountains.

Love.  It is all and everything.
Within the molecule and the edge
Of a growing universe.

To live and know the unknown
Is terribly lonely.

But Love, love!

The greatest mystery!

:: 12-05-2017


TO everyone who has given all ~~

AND to all that have given everything;

Blessed you are and Soul.


That we all are born poor and that

Many die the same; to those who

Have learned, monetary wealth is

That great illusion!


To all who have figured — and

Shapes are words with cutting

Edges but speaking from the heart

Is softness; I say well done.




IF poetry is your weakness then

Love is your weapon; not to harm

But to oppress the evil that is

Abound within this realm of

Meager existence!


:: 12-04-2017 ::


KNEW you as a little child
like me you were so small
watch the clock tick and
talk my little child

So inside me
So inside you
We burn

Love like wind when
the seasons go when
the air blows

Once innocent then grown
Once loved then discarded
So inside me as within you
we burn

Everyone is a killer
Everyone is dying
Everyone kills themselves

Saw you smile / withered now
oh we burn we burn like the
lost seasons of dreams

Adults as dead children
Adults living a lie
Adults lost within life

:: 12-04-2017 ::