Daily Archives: December 20, 2017


WHILE the sun hangs
within the skies
cloud guppies eating
of space-time

a memory flashed
fell the promise
of perfect love

Cellophane lips engulfing
the floating boat upon
Love’s river  and breasts
dancing in gravity alone

Your dream is awake
but you are asleep
someone calls you
but no one’s home

Undulating umbrellas
and laughing zebras
a shoe from Cinderella
that fits the lonely soul

Meets Alice in the sky
yesterday is gone
because you are a different
person now.


:: 12-20-2017 ::


I’m all out of hope
just one more jolt
to bring the fall
When I’m thinking
of my home so far
away it’s so easy
to disbelieve

It’s all a heart
without a face

Listen to my voice;
spent so much time
My words are so sad;
makes love true
It’s all a heart
without you
And when I am
so far away
tell me it’s easy
to deceive

A heart without a face
A heart without a face
Till you embrace

I’ve dreamed so many truths
I’ve dreamed so many you’s
I’ve spent so much time

To keep the dream alive

That’s what makes me sad
Trying to make it true
A heart without a face
A heart without a face

I’m about you.

And all hearts have face
And all faces fear
to embrace.

:: 12-19-2017 ::


THE heart has feet and bravely walks —
Frequently are of no color but all
frequently are of all hurt souls
Frequently are the dreams of all.

My own Spirit
My own screams
My own broken heart

And back to the square
of needing

As often a cranny
Where it used to be-
Shifts the paradigm

And Earth upon Axis turned!
The Council of twelve performed!

:: 12-19-2017