Daily Archives: December 17, 2017


Seriously had in mind to hang my art upon the walls
of my empty home.

But the residual energy dissuaded me for fear of
artistic damage.

My body is within a clam so deep within the sea,
but never the colors of my stroked brush.

I ought to have looked more carefully
before I began to think.

That now I know, I shall never hang my heart
upon a hook within the sidewalls of madness.

So upon the floor I look at my canvases
within a damaged frame; my Spirit.

And those many who confuse art with madness;
they are correct –> art is created by those
who feel above the threshold of life!

:: 12-17-2017 ::

THE WISH (2017)

I can never have you, nor will I have you
ever, this I know. Possession is fear,
taking is thievery, and love can never
become caged at all. I give you my words,
through poetry, and a kind photo at times.
But nothing more than most of me. You,
who belongs to science, philosophy, and art;
I commend your love of beauty and knowledge!
That most are born within a dream so deep
they shall never awaken; you are awake my dear.
The pleasure created by our conversations
gives an impression of being almost real.
So, I dream across this distance between
our hearts and for all the imagination, for
all that is a liquor’s magician, I kiss
your lips as well and wish, I wish,
to have your body next to mine at the end
of every day.

:: 12-17-2017 ::


AND if I ever call you
my friend ~
Tears and weak knees my love
Whenever I begin
my eyes cry and a hard
shoulder forever!
And now I dream my love
I begin to undrstand all
all within your eyes!
And now I know my life is more
and in every moment there is
a reason to carry on! Oh!
Sweet love! It’s a miracle
and a beautiful sight —
\ and if when I ever call
you friend; here we are
for ever and ever
— forever and ever like
a dream kissed; and now
I know my life has given me
more than a sweet dream.
And that is everything I dreamed
And now I know life has given
me more than memories!
A reason to carry on!
So now, within the sea of love
we all wish to swim in life
— so call me. call me.

OH, everyone call me.
I think I have the heart
to heart your love.
So love. Love me.
I love you.

:: 12-16-2017 ::